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Which Five Popular Apps Should You Install On Your Google Chromecast?


If you have been paying extra money to watch your favorite content on TV, then there is no need to do that. You can buy Google Chromecast at an affordable price of $35 and stream your favorite content. There are many apps that work excellently on Google Chromecast, which we will discuss in this blog post.

Those with average classes can view the contents easily with the help of this gadget. It initially requires to go to your play store from the device and you need Chromecast app download from there which will be used to interface your mobile with TV. So once people purchased Chromecast they will stop payments to the cable operator for watching contents on the TV.

The outstanding feature of this device is that there is no need of remote to play the device or control it. You just have to control using your smartphone or tablet. There is nothing more complicated about connecting the phone to your Chromecast you just have to go to search option and just type Google Chromecast download in the search bar. You can find it easily from there.

After knowing about the Chromecast you must be thinking that how and what is important in this gadget which makes it supreme in the market. Lots of applications available in the market makes it felt like you have got the best thing. We are going to discuss the top five apps for your Chromecast:

  1. Google cast: First of all you need is to do the setup, Google cast app enables you to do this. With this app, you can access other apps which are made for your device. You will find latest and updated stuff for your apps on your phone. There is another feature of controlling your device audio with this. Screen mirroring option is available to you with google cast it means that what you are viewing on your smartphone, the same will be mirrored on your TV screen. This app is easy to use and will fast up the access to other apps on your phone. To set up a screen mirroring you have to go to the website and get Chromecast extension download from there then only you can establish a link between your phone, TV and Chromecast.
  2. Video streaming: This is another great app for your Chromecast. This app allows you to cast the local contents of your PC or laptop onto your TV. This all is done with the help of internet connection. All the videos or content available with you in your laptop will be played on your Smart TV screen. You need a google chrome with video stream extension fused in the browser. The video streaming app is fast and easy to use. It is available online free of cost. It hardly takes five minutes to get onto your computer. Keep in mind that it only plays local contents and requires google chrome web browser on your laptop/PC.
  3. YouTube: One of the best app for Chromecast. We all know it’s a platform to watch videos online. With this app engulfed with your Chromecast. You just have to add videos from your smartphone to the line and Chromecast will automatically play turn wise. Videos from another mobile phone can also be added to the use of Wi-Fi on it. You can watch videos of any song, movie, recipes or entertainment enjoy this service you have to download Chromecast app onto your smartphone and install this app from google cast. The drawback of this app is that you can control the volume of video from your phone only.
  4. Plex: Plex is another important app. It will enable the user to watch the local contents as well as helps in organizing the movies, shows, and It is quite similar to video stream app in working with little more feature in it. You need to download the server for Plex and also add-ons for its media server which will telecast the media. There is channel facility available in Plex from where you can watch the videos without downloading it on the computer.
  5. Netflix: This app is among the top five apps of Chromecast. You just have to pay $5 a month and enjoy the coolest feature. There is one unique feature in the Netflix that a video, which is been played will never stop buffering even when your phone is locked. It has a good user interface. You need to have Chromecast free download on your Smartphone or tablet that will guide you in accessing the Netflix app.

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