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How to turn on and off Chromecast with Google Home command

chromecast with Google Home command

Google Home has made things easier and simpler for a lot of individuals. Now, if you are sitting in a quilt and want to turn on or off the Chromecast connected TV without coming out of the quilt, then it’s quite easily possible. You can control your Chromecast without reaching the remote. There is no need to search for remote in your room. Just sit relax on the couch and control the operations of your TV without any problem. If you want to play the content of your choice, then you can play with the help of Google home commands.

Earlier this week, Google had published a news on the official page revealing that they have rolled out a new feature in which a Chromecast user can turn on and off the TV with the help of google home command given it must be connected to HDMI with CEC turned on. CEC is basically a command that allows you to turn on the TV with HDMI command.

There is one more condition which needs to be followed i:e , your Chromecast media streaming player must be connected to wall outlet for power source instead of USB port is given at the back of your TV because the player will automatically turn off if you turn off your TV so this feature would not mean anything for you.

The steps to use this feature are mentioned here as under:

  1. Turn ON/My TV, <device name>, Power on my TV/ device name to turn on the TV.
  2. Turn off/ Turn off along with device name or power off the device name. This will be used to turn off the TV.

If more than one Chromecast is connected to several TV’s, then you need to select the particular device from the list. It is important to mention here that every device has its unique name and ID. If you want to set a particular TV as a default TV for controlling with your Google home device, then set it as a default TV. If you have already tried this function and getting the problem in connecting it to the Google home, then you can check support for your device from official google Chromecast link.

According to Google support page, the technical experts said that this function will not work with Android TV or with Chromecast Build-in TV. There are some users who said that even their shield TV is working fine with Home device. They are not getting any problem with it. For your information, we want to mention here that Shield TV has its own voice assistant in the latest OS so if you have not updated your TV OS or TV with Chromecast built-in, then do let us know the outcomes of it after installing the latest update in your device. We will be happy to hear from you in this regard.

For any additional help or support, you can call us at Chromecast support number or get help from the online official link of Chromecast. The customer care executives will let you know the technicalities of this amazing function as well as provide support for any issue related to Chromecast media streaming player.

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