The Backdrop feature of Chromecast can be customized using the pictures from our Google account, Facebook photos, Flicker albums, etc. and the different gadgets like time and weather. So here we will discuss the steps to include these to our Backdrop.

Chromecast supports a variety of features among which its Backdrop features allows the users to bring a personal touch to their device. According to the default setting of Backdrop, it displays the pictures and gadgets included in default themes while there is not content playing on it. Whereas by customizing its settings we can change the default images by our own images that may belong from any of our social media accounts like Google, Facebook, etc. We can add different gadgets to it if we want to see them in Backdrop. So just go through the following steps for editing the Chromecast’s Backdrop.

Steps to add pictures from Google account: Open the Google Albums and Pictures. To add a photo from the iOS device, you should turn On the option for “Selected Albums.” Choose them by tick marking the photos and albums you want to add. Similarly turn “On” the selection of pics using an Android device and choose the files by tick marking them.

Steps to add Pictures from Facebook albums: Go through the following steps for adding Facebook content to your Chromecast Backdrop.

  • Tap on the icon for Facebook.
  • Turn “On” the slider present at the top of that page.
  • Click on “Connect” for copying the Facebook Pictures to TV.
  • Type in your Sign in credentials for logging into your Facebook
  • Click on “OK” so that your Chromecast device can access your Facebook pictures. You can click on Edit to alter the information providedfor sharing.
  • To add Pictures using an iOS device you need to click on “Your Facebook.” Turn ON the slider for “Selected albums.” All of the available folders will light up. Check mark the boxes in front of each album or Picture that needs to be allowed for the casting. Changes made at this time will be auto saved, so you need not worry about keeping them. Similarly, the pictures can be added using an Android platform.
  • Touch the back arrow icon for a going back to the Settings
  • If in future you want to remove the Facebook content from your Chromecast’s Backdrop, then click on “Remove your Facebook.” Select “Remove” if you receive a confirmation prompt for deleting.

Similarly, you can add pictures from your Flicker Albums buy following simple instructions as in case of Facebook. For help, you should get Chromecast support for any inquiry or issue related to Chromecast.

Steps for including Earth and Space imagery as a part of your Backdrop images:

  • Tap on the icon for Earth and space.
  • Turn On the slider to start displaying the content.

This content can be of two types:

  • Pictures from Google earth that will contain visual explorations around the earth.
  • Pictures from the NASA image of the day which will contain latest images and news from NASA.

Steps for adding Play Newsstand: It will show news headline from all over the world along with the Backdrop Pictures. Go through the steps for adding it to Backdrop.

  • Tap on the icon for Play Newsstand.
  • Turn On the slider from the top of your screen.
  • Activate the slider for Your News section.
  • You can also edit the content displayed under it.

Steps to add weather information to your Backdrop:

  • Tap on Weather icon.
  • Turn the slider On to Fahrenheit or Celsius.

So, this way you can add many more features and change the Backdrop images. For more Setup procedures related to Chromecast always step to Google Chromecast Setup and get the best guidance.


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