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How Google Cast Audio Can Breathe A New Life Into Your Old Speakers?

Google Cast

Google has launched an audio version of Google cast, it is known as Cast Audio. It is used to convert any old and obsolete technology speaker into a smart speaker, provided that it supports a 3.5mm jack functionality. Cast audio is like a cheaper version of Sonos.

However, most important and fun feature of Cast audio was never talked about. Maybe it was not ready and tested at the time of its launch. After a month of launch, Google rolled out an update on Cast audio which enabled it to do something fun. Google Cast audio is now self-aware.

It means that if multiple Cast audios are in a house on the same network, all of them can play music in sync. If there are some small speakers, a pill speaker, a mono speaker or a home theatre in the drawing room or a boom box in your garage, if all of them are connected to their respective Cast audios, which are on the same network, all of them can play music at the same time in sync.

Cost factor also comes into play here. Cast audio costs merely 35$ so it is feasible to be used in various devices in one house. Cast audio has been given this feature, after taking inspiration from Sonos. These 35$ cheap dongles can be placed at various places in your house and can be connected to speakers. Once all of them are on the same home network, all you have to do is hit play from any supported app. There are many supported first parties and third-party apps for Cast audio. This device is useful because everyone has their share of older speakers in their homes. Many of those speakers are in perfect working condition but do not have present gen features. Most of those speakers are just speakers. Devices like Sonos enable us to stream content through speakers.

Cast audio took a step ahead of Sonos, it came out as a cheaper version and made those older speakers relevant again. This device supports everything from a DAC player to a mono speaker. TOSLINK cables too are sold by Google for $15 each if RCA is not supported.

Your dongle emits a temporary Wi-Fi signal. Just log into it, rename it, connect it to an external Wi-Fi and you are good to go. Renaming is essential since there are many Cast audios in a household if they use it. The app used to do this kind of interfacing is known as Google Cast app. Google Cast app is renamed from Google Cast because it works with other devices too. This operative function can be done from Android and iOS. It also has a vast app support. App support means that there are hundreds of apps presently which stream app on Google Cast audio. Apps like a sound cloud, Spotify and google play music readily cast their audio on Google Cast audio.

Since one app is used to do both, you cannot stream audio only content to Google Cast for TV. It is not possible since Google has kept its restrictions. Further, Google cast for TV does not support anything more than a stereo audio. So streaming a FLAC lossless audio on it would be triggering malfunctions. That is why Google has not blurred the lines between both cast hardware.

It also supports both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ wireless networks right out of the box. Basically, going for Google Cast audio over SONOS is a no-brainer any day of the week. This device is better than the latter in every way possible.

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