There are certain cables that are used to stream music from various sources to the Chromecast audio. It is important to use those cables as they are specifically made to stream good quality music. Know more about the cables in the below-mentioned blog post.


Chromecast is a pretty neat and simple device having just two ports. One for the USB power which connects to the bigger screen and another for AUX so that output can be sent to speaker. Google cast app download allows us to control Chromecast from our local multimedia devices such as smartphones, android and iOS tablets and windows PC.

Besides that, I would also like to mention that  Chromecast’s Google cast app is necessary since it is only way to control the device and it doesn’t have a dedicated remote control.

How to stream data from Chromecast:

Data too is streamed via device which is controlling it and if Chromecast extension download is already done for PC we can stream content from our Google chrome tab to bigger screen and since Chromecast has its latency issues so it cannot be used permanently as a second screen for PC but only for media viewing purposes. We can download Chromecast app from respective app stores of our devices.

Various cables support for Chromecast:

Google Cast allows us to stream audio and video to our bigger screen and since speakers too have different standards and some speakers also follow multi standards, there are multiple types of AUX cables which can be connected to Chromecast which changes quality of audio output from Chromecast.

When we Use Chromecast for PC version, as PC can stream lossless audio and much more formats of audio, listening to them on a stereo version is possibly not justified since it is much more clearer that stereo audio and in that case DAC is much more better way to listen to audio.

Advantages of all cables:

Chromecast supports majorly three types of AUX outputs which are stereo, DAC and TOSLINK. While a stereo AUX cable comes with box, the other two have to be brought separately. Once Chromecast is setup and Google Cast download is done, we can stream audio and video. If we have latest technology speakers and they can support multiple types of inputs, Chromecast is able to output multiple types of output. By default AUX supplied is a 3.5mm stereo standard AUX.

As we know Stereo AUX are susceptible to electromagnetic interference so they are not ideal for listening to digital format audio and lossless audio. Though standard stereo audio can be streamed from these cables to the speakers.

audio cables for chromecast audio 3.5mm stereoChromecast too has a very good DAC and if we want to listen to a higher quality of audio we can connect DAC AUX cable with Chromecast and output it to the speakers supporting DAC. Its audio quality is comparable to high quality DAC speakers in spite of having half the price.

Also it supaudio_cables for chromecast audio rcaports 3.5mm to RCA output cable which are very cheap to buy. RCA output allows us to carry two different audio mono audio so we can use that to specifically enter the audio to those speakers and then we can have a proper stereo sound since both speakers will have a different audio due to individual mono sounds.

audio cables for chromecast audio toslink digital audio cableTOSLINK cables developed by Toshiba are of very high standards and no interference can penetrate so they are used in high quality systems and are also compatible with Chromecast and highest quality of audio can be streamed from Chromecast easily using TOSLINK cables.