There are a plenty of devices, which support Chromecast Audio. But, in order to determine, people have to undergo a process, the details of which are given below in the blog post.

Chromecast audio is a piece of miniature hardware. It is connected to a variety of speakers and turns those dumb speakers into smart speakers. This device is capable of streaming content from the internet to those speakers. Multiple Chromecast audio can also interact with each other and can play synchronously. Chromecast audio as plugs into an audio device has no interface of its own. Users need to download Chromecast to use it. Chromecast is an app for mobile devices which are smartphones in nature.

chromecast audio tips

Issue: Smartphones and Chromecast Audio

  • Smartphones running on latest versions of android and iOS can initialise Chromecast app download. Once the companion app is downloaded there is no limit to what users can do. Streaming local music, free and paid podcasts and streaming audio from paid music services are some of the features we get after Chromecast download.
  • If we are streaming free music from services like Spotify, Chromecast audio will simply pick up the links we have provided it and will stream the music. However, if we are streaming music from some app for which we are paying a premium from the device in which we have done google Chromecast download, we will have to authenticate our devices first before streaming the music.

Solution: Supported Systems And Limitations.

This is a protocol which every device has to follow. For a paid music service we will have to authenticate our Chromecast audio hardware before letting music stream through it. We can also control multiple Chromecast audio devices from a single smartphone. However if one speaker is using DAC while other is using a 3.5mm standard input, audio quality will surely be heterogeneous among both.

This was the feature catalogue for smartphones. However for computing devise running on windows and mac OS, Chromecast audio control is also available but with a workaround. Chromecast audio can be controlled and used by installing google chrome in them. Google chrome has a plugin called cast which lets us control Chromecast audio straightaway from our PC. Chromecast audio streaming services work the same irrespective of which device we are using. Chromecast extension download is available for chrome 43 and higher in both windows and MAC.

There is no master device. There is not a chief device which monopolises Chromecast audio. All the platforms which can control Chromecast audio have similar features and there is no biasing. However windows phone platform does not have a Chromecast audio app irrespective of the version. We can anticipate a universal windows app which will run on windows 10 PC and smartphone later this year but for now phone is rendered useless in this platform. Only chrome browser is supported.

Compatible devices and OS:

So compatible systems for chrome audio companion devices are those for which app or software solution by first party, wiz google is available. So here are some of the supported devices for the companion app:

All android devices after android 4.1: jellybean.  Basically android KitKat and lollipop. All the devices currently launched have these OS as default OS. However if your device is older you can check for updates or can root it and install KitKat as it is lightweight and has a low memory footprint.

All windows devices from windows 7, 8, 8.1 and windows 10. These devices make use of chrome browser. There is no app for windows PC. Users have to install chrome browser inside which users can install Google cast plugin.

Mac OS 10.7 and later can also be used with chrome browser.

A Chromebook running chrome OS and with chrome with version 28 or later.

Quick Tips: Linux Users

Though for Linux users there is no official app but as chromium is open source, plugin can be installed on it.