There are many systems that work perfectly with Google Chromecast, but in order to make them in the working condition, you have to ensure Chromecast download for each and every single platform that you use. The details about this particular aspect of the device has been explained in a perfect manner in this blog post.


It is a well-known fact that Chromecast audio is a hardware software bundled package which aims at streaming high quality audio to the speakers over the air via internet or local audio. It has a variety of features and supports multiple platforms along with timely upgrades and seamless integration of hardware with a lag free bug free easy to use App ecosystem inside android and iOS and newly integrated with windows 10. Chromecast app download enables users to control and stream content on their Chromecast audio device connected to any speaker when both the device and Chromecast are connected on same Wi-Fi network.

How Chromecast audio supports PC:

Chromecast extension download enables us to use Chromecast from our google chrome on our PC and anything streamed in a tab on google chrome, its audio can be streamed to speakers. If we want to stream local music we can add that music URL in chrome and can stream it, not the right way but do-able.  Further a full-fledged Chromecast audio app for PC is on its way so we might be able to stream local media quiet easily. All we have to do is Download Chromecast app straightaway on to our PC and all is setup.

Availability of Chromecast Companion App:

Google Chromecast download is available for multiple platforms including the most popular android and iOS. Google cast extension is available for Google chrome for PC now which enables us to control Chromecast from our PC. However this extension needs help of a primary device such as a smart phone having a Chromecast audio app for streaming and is not a standalone app for PC.

So, basically Google cast download PC is an extension based system which needs another smart phone through which it can communicate with Chromecast audio which will result in added latency thus a bit of lag while streaming content.

Chromecast free download supports following systems for Chromecast audio companionship.

Currently running Android and dating back to Android jelly bean (4.1). Androids earlier than this won’t support Chromecast companion app.

Presently running iOS 9 and dating back to as far as iOS 7.0 basically all devices after apple 3gs will run Chromecast out of the box and an updated 3gs will also do the job.

Latest mac OS el captain and dating back to mac OSX Lion along with chrome browser.

Chrome OS on Chromebook.

However there is no support for windows phone because of a lack of users on windows phone. Even Linux users can use Chromecast using chromium browser using some settings alteration. As amazon Kindle fore tablets too are heavily customised versions of android, official support is not yet given but we can use it by using suitable settings alterations. Chromecast audio has extended its support to all major platforms except windows phone which is justified.

Also if one is using an older version of OS even then support is extended far enough however some features might not work or be bloated on older versions but that is acceptable. As Chromecast audio 2016 is here, support might be extended to even more devices which ultimately will increase the user base. The app itself on every platform is seamlessly integrated with hardware and gets regular updates.