Chromecast is most popular streaming devices which has sold 30 million units so far and 5 million in just two months. However, internet is flooded by several reports that Chromecast2 has stopped working in networks which are provided by ViVo, Old GVT. Moreover the device was recognized by my device but the dongle was not displayed in the streaming application such as Play Globe, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify and others even after chromecast download completion.

So, what causes this problem? Well, some companies program there routers to block certain devices using the Wi-Fi network. To combat this there are some setting on your router that you can change to get it working.

Below we provide you certain steps to how to change the setting of your router.

For instance you have D-link DSL-2740E router at your home.

  1. Go to the setting and get the IP number from the instruction manual IP number is somewhat like this “”and enter the IP number of your router in your browser’s address bar and press enter.
  2. Now you will land on your router login screen. For GVT/Line the username is generally “admin” and Password is “gvt12345” .Just enter this login credentials and press enter.
  3. You will see the router settings screen then click “Settings” and then “Internet Settings” on the left side.
  4. You will see a table called “Table Current ATM VC.” On the “internet setup” and now on the lower right corner you will see a pencil click it to edit some values in the tables.
  5. Look for the field called “MTU (1-1500).” If this value is 0, it means that it is in the operator’s standard, if GVT. Enter value 1492 and click “Apply Settings”. You will see a field called “TCP MSS” put the 1372 value in it.

After completing the above procedure and apply the settings just restart your modem and hope fully your chromecast free downloading will start streaming again.