Playing games on TV is a totally different experience than playing games on a device that has a smaller display. Using Chromecast, it is possible for people to play games on their TV sets.

chromecast extesnion games

Chromecast is a wonderful device. It has almost ended the need of buying an expensive smart TV which is better than a LED TV because of its software. For that small gap users had to pay around $500 additionally. This small device called Chromecast is almost a giant killer. It just plugs in into any LCD LED TV and turns it into a smart TV. To use Chromecast, we have to download Chromecast app to the device from which we are controlling it and set up Chromecast.

Issue: Playing Games on TV

Chromecast can be used for a variety of purposes. Its main purpose is to cast local content, of the smart phone and the device which we are using. For that, we have to download Chromecast companion app in it.

  1. Once the device has Chromecast companion app, we can further download apps which directly support casting onto bigger screen using Chromecast.
  2. Apps like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu can be downloaded on phone.
  3. These apps can be directly casted to Chromecast by the overlay cast button after Chrome cast download is done on smart phone.
  4. Clicking on that overlay will cast the content of these apps on the bigger screen.
  5. This can be done in android, iOS and PC too with help of Chromecast extension.
  6. Additionally android phones and PCs have a feature of screen mirroring. That can also be used to mirror that content which cannot be mirrored due to app limitations.

For example, if we are playing temple run but it does not support mirroring, we can additionally mirror our android screen and then play game on bigger HDTV without any latency or glitches. This feature is in BETA but is a great work around. It seldom crashes and is working perfectly in Nexus devices.

Solution: Playing Games On Bigger Screen

There are various ways to play games on big screen. One of the way is official way. Users can update their Chromecast and Chromecast 2 firmware to latest version, then they can open the Chromecast store on their phones. From there they can download apps for Chromecast in their phone. Once they open the game they can cast the game to a bigger screen and can play on it. Since the games are officially for Chromecast, they can be played in a TV compatible resolution with smartphones acting as remote controls.

Users can also play these games as multiplayer games. Users up to ten players can download this game on their smart phones and can play this game on a single Chromecast by joining the same Wi-Fi on same TV. Though selection of games is slim this way but it is definitely enjoyable.

Further many big names are jumping aboard with launch of chromecast2 and are developing games for Chromecast. Any device, any smartphone and tablet can be used as a remote control. Further if you are a bit away from your TV you can play multiplayer by watching in your phone screen as it keeps on playing there.

Another way is a way around which we have already discussed. All android smartphones are equipped with screen mirroring to Chromecast. All they have to do is enable screen mirroring, switch on the game in their phone and can play it on bigger screen.

Tips And Tricks To Play Games On TV Using Chromecast

However the work around is effective as android phones have huge catalogue of games. Since they are not directly made for Chromecast, they will be playable in portrait mode. Synchronisation of eye hand will also be set by practice.

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