Are you looking to rename your Google Chromecast? If yes, then you have to check out the below-mentioned steps. All the information pertinent to renaming of Chromecast is given below. The process is easy, but if you still find any problem, then you can take the help of Chromecast support.

Chromecast is a hardware and software interface for streaming content to a bigger screen. All you need is to plug in your Chromecast hardware into the bigger screen which supports HDMI input, then download Chromecast app and you are ready to go. Once you download Chromecast app to your smart phone, you have to initialise Chromecast after that.

Chromecast rename snapshot

The initial priming includes providing the device with a Wi-Fi connection, then pairing the smartphone in which you performed Chromecast app download with Chromecast and the setup is almost complete.

Issue is naming Chromecast

After you do the steps mentioned above, there is a little follow up to do. Just open the Chromecast app in your smart phone, sign in with your username and password into it. Once Chromecast download is complete, make sure that you provide subscription details in Chromecast so that you can watch all your important and subscribed content directly through Chromecast. There are many apps for chrome cast download after finishing up its initial setup. Apps like Netflix, Hulu and google play music provide endless hours of entertainment.

However, when we setup Chromecast for the first time, in the heat of the moment we forget to do some important modifications which we want to do later. For instance, we perform google Chromecast download to our device but we do not rename our Chromecast device. By default, it is named as “Chromecast”. However if you have two Chromecast in your home and both have same name, it can create confusion and pairing problems for new devices.

To distinguish between both of them we must change names. Also, many times we name our Chromecast as something funny or useless and it is better to rename it something more meaningful at later point in time. Hence, we must know how to rename Chromecast.

Renaming Chromecast later after setup can be done by any supported device. Now, it can also be done via PC by Chromecast extension download in chrome browser. It can also be done via an android device and iOS device.

Solution and suggestions:

Following are the steps to rename Chromecast:

  1. Make Sure Chromecast Is ON.

Provide Chromecast with a power supply initially and let it boot up. Chromecast generally takes minimal time to boot up since it has a lightweight firmware. We do not need to switch on our television if we do not want to see the feedback. Just switch on the power button and let it initialise. It will boot up, connect to the Wi-Fi and you are good to go.

  1. Start Chromecast App On Your Phone.

Chromecast app or Chromecast companion is an app for controlling Chromecast. Chromecast itself does not have a remote control. Hence it is controlled by smartphones and PCs. The interfacing is done by downloading Chromecast app to these devices. This app lets us to setup, change settings and cast content to Chromecast. If we want to cast our content, weather it is local content or from the internet, we need the Chromecast app. A cast button is used to cast the content as well as screen mirroring. All of this is done by Chromecast app.

  1. Connect Your Mobile Device To Chromecast

Open the app, connect the mobile device to Chromecast. If you are doing it the first time, you will have to pair the device with Chromecast by two factor authentication.

  1. Rename Chromecast:

Go to about settings in Chromecast app, and rename the Chromecast to a new name. Save it and wait for changes to show up. You can also see on your television for the changes you have made.