Google Chromecast is small or you can say thumb-sized gadget that you plugs into the TV’s HDMI port. Well, if you don’t have smart TV but you want to take the joy of Lightbox on a big screen you need to install the Lightbox app, let us know about Lightbox first, Lightbox basically a streaming television service, in which you will get the ads-free shows. If you have lightbox installed on your devices such as Android or Apple Smartphone or tablet then you can enjoy your desirable content or stream or cast from the Google Chrome browser on your device directly.

Chromecast Setup:

You need to Download Chromecast app and now navigate to Chromecast Help site and follow the related directions to your device.

Playing using Chormecast:

  1. Make a connection of your Chromecast to your HDMI port of television and connect the USN, now check that Chromecast has power.
  2. Make sure that Google Chrome is running on both your Chromecast and your devices such as a tablet, smartphone or computer etc. and also connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Select ‘Play Now’ in the Lightbox app through your Smartphone or tablet and select Chromecast icon and make a connection to your Chromecast.
  4. Select ‘Play now’ on your computer in the Lightbox player on the website. Now select the Chromecast icon and connect to your Chromecast.

These are the easy and simple way to watch Lightbox with your Chromecast, still, if you find any hindrance in these steps or directions then you can call the experts for the appropriate soultion. Rest you can get the Chromecast Free Download app from the Play Store.