Google Chromecast has a wide range of features, most of which are not known to the majority of the people. Chromecast audio can be used for multi-room group playback.

Chromecast audio is a small device. It is capable of changing any speaker, be it an old and legacy speaker to a high end one, into streaming device. Chromecast audio usage can be done by completing Chrome cast app download. Chromecast audio, like Chromecast uses an app as a backup. Since it is connected to an audio system, its menu cannot be seen on the device to which it is connected.


The companion app lets us control Chromecast from setting it up, to streaming local audio and streaming content from Spotify and Pandora. All we have to do is have a smart phone or a PC, download Chromecast app in smartphone running on android or iOS and we are good to go. PCs on the other end are still awaiting a full version app for Chromecast and Chromecast audio. To control Chromecast audio, we can use Chrome cast extension download and download the extension called “cast” in google chrome. It mimics almost all functions of the app in smartphones.

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Issue: Not able to get multi-room playback:

Chromecast audio can connect via a 3.5mm audio jack, a DAC connector and some more types of connectors to speakers. The type of connection is directly proportional to quality of sound. A 24 Bit DAC ensures that connection supports playback of lossless audio or FLAC files. While a standard audio can play up to 320KBPS of music through any speaker. Just go to the app store and you can find latest Chromecast companion app in the store.

However, as Chromecast audio is cheap, it is very common to find multiple of them in one home or apartment. While each Chromecast audio performs its function seamlessly, there is a feature where multiple chrome casts can play a single song in synchronisation with each other. Weather it is a song, podcast or any type of audio, Chromecast synchronisation is accurate. This feature has been introduced to collectively create a surround sound experience.

Solution for Multi-Playback:

It is ideal for playing music simultaneously in multiple chrome casts in a place from a single device. It is great for small parties and get together. Various speakers connected to various Chromecast devices in a home will be able to play a single audio channel like a hub of music stations. This feature is known as multi room group playback.

Google now also supports multi room group playback. Basically if we have more than one Chromecast audio devices in our home and all of them are plugged into different speakers but are connected to a single Wi-Fi connection, we can play a single channel of music synchronously in all of them mimicking the function of a single speaker.

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This is how it can be achieved:

  1. We have to firstly ensure that all the Chromecast audio devices are up and running. Now, from our android or iOS app, we have to open the Google cast app.
  2. Once we have opened the app, we have to see list of available audio devices associated with each Chromecast audio hardware. So we have to tap on devices tab to see the devices.
  3. After we see all the devices, we have to scroll down and select the Chromecast audio devices we want to add. Then we can select multiple devices at once.
  4. Once we have selected devices we can add them to the group. Make sure that group can only be created if there are more than one device.
  5. By default the name of the group will be home group. We can also change it later.