Do you what is CEC well, only a few of us might know this technology but those who don’t , this is a technology that exists in a lot of TVs. It is quite useful but most of us not even aware if its existence.

Today we are going know some cool things about this CEC. Well, did you ever wanted to power on your TV through satellite or TV or cable remote and that too without any setup or adjust your TV’s volume without the controller but with CEC you can do all of these.

So, let us know what CEC is:


CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control which is a feature of HDMI which allows users to command and control up to 15 devices by using only one remote control. For instance, you can control television set, DVD player, set-top box using only one remote control. CEC also allows CEC-enabled devices to command and control each other without any hindrance. The commands directly travel via HDMI from one device to another, this means when you hit the power button on your DirectTV box then it sends out “power on ”signal to the TV. This technology is in existence since 2008 but most people are not aware of it.

Can you use it with Chromecast and Google Home?

I know this question might have arisen in your minds like how can you use this technology with Chromecast and Google Home.You can begin the playback with your voice. You simply have to talk to your Google Home and your TV will start and you can also assign a name to your Chromecast. You can make the name easier for your kids so that your kids can command Google Home easily.


For instance, ‘Hey Google play Roadrunner on the TV’ and after that TV starts playing the said cartoon.

The fascinating thing about this is you don’t require any remotes or any phones.

However, this applies to any device that you can cast from whether it’s your TV, phone, tablet or laptop and is you require any help you can get in contact with Chromecast support team to figure out this whole voice enabled procedure.

What do you require?


Most of the TVs don’t keep the USB port powered on when the TV is powered off then in such case you need to power your Chromecast via USB from our TV and in case this doesn’t work then keep you Chromecast plugged into the wall.

If you TV keeps USB power alive when TV is shut off then you need not worry about this.

I hope after knowing about CEC, this technology will shine through your Home as this is future technology which you can use for your various home devices.

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