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Urbanears launches the Chromecast enabled Wi-Fi speakers


How your streaming experience is going with your Chromecast device? Being the ultimate product of Google, the fine streaming device has embarked its place as the key player in the market. By delivering the dynamic features and amazing Google services, chromecast has also become the compatible device for all the users and companies too.

With the innovative approach, Google has continuously been involved in making the performance of its streaming device much better with the add up of new features and services. This is the reason many fine companies are making up their products getting enabled with the super abilities of chromecast. The recent one in the list is the Sweden-based headphone producer, Urbanears.

The Scandinavian brand has now stepped into the market of a classic range of speakers, eventually launching out its first pair of Wi-fi speakers: the Baggen ($450), and Stammen ($350) enabled with the Bluetooth capabilities. Both the speakers comes in the multicolor option, including bold orange, dark green, and light pink with the ultimate Scandinavian design. These speakers are actually the same speakers, which is made up in two different sizes, and are muffled in the 360-degree fabric.

Apart from the Bluetooth capabilities, the main reason to talk about these speakers is their various integrations, including Chromecast built-in, Spotify connect, and Apple Airplay. They have also got the auxiliary input. The speakers have got simple controls which make the switching between different modes quite fine along with the internet radio station presets or 7 most favorite Spotify playlists. With this ability, you will be able to launch the kind of music that you are willing to listen without any kind of problematic barrier with the connections and apps. They can also be used for the multi-room purpose to handle your smart home in a better way.

The easy setup of the speakers along with the Urbanears app is also worth for getting started in a quick manner. But, its software of the speakers is the hardest thing, which can also turn you off quickly. Even the pricing factor could also be the concern factor for the speakers in the market. Well, the reps of Urbanears also feel that the price was on the expensive side, but they said that they didn’t wish to compromise on the performance and quality of the speakers. It will be a tough fight for the Urbanears speakers, as they have prime competitors from the Sonos and Bose speakers in the market.

Both the speakers will be available from March 30 for sale. It will be a fair way to test out the newly launched speakers in compare to all the available Wi-Fi speakers in our audio room. The powering Urbanears app for the speakers is still not available in the play store yet. Still, it would be great to use the chromecast built-in ability with the speakers.

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