A combination of Chromecast and VLC player is a match made in heaven. VLC player is the best source of viewing media including all paid and free methods. VLC can play and edit several kinds of files and has been backed up by a community of millions.


Chromecast is easy to use, Chromecast help is better than any support provider and seamlessly integrates with your TV. It is small, modular, and robust and has plenty of apps and updates support backed up by google as mentioned at https://www.google.com/chromecast/setup.

How to make VLC compatible with Google Chromecast?

As we know Chromecast can pair up with almost anything. Android, iOS and PC. VLC is available on both android and PC and streaming content from VLC onto Chromecast used to be a breeze earlier on PC platform. All we had to do was to open Chrome VLC plugin and Google cast extension for google chrome. However now, after the latest update of google chrome all of that has been rendered useless.

Chrome VLC plugin is now rendered useless. Chromecast setup too has no ways around to directly stream content from VLC for PC to bigger screen. It has received no major update to support most used media player on a PC platform to be streaming to Chromecast. The plugin too has not been updated because of API change in chrome. There seems to be no chance for the plug-in to update. However google cast is working absolutely fine as mentioned on chromecast.com/setup.

The workaround:

So, to use VLC streaming from PC to Chromecast even after the plug-in failure we will have to fiddle around a little bit.

  1. First of all, after set up Chromecast, we have to download google chrome to our PC and prefer to install it with default settings since it is malware free.
  2. Once chrome is downloaded, we have to initialise it. Open google chrome, go to apps and install add-on called Google cast.
  3. After installation is done with our HDTV and smart phone as remote, we have to install this plug-in into chrome browser.
  4. This addition ensures that we are able to control Chromecast from our PC too. However it can only cast limited content due to DRM rights issues.
  5. Chrome can be downloaded and Google cast can be installed both on a windows PC and MAC.
  6. Now, open VLC player, drag and drop the media file you want to stream into it, or you can just click on that media file and select open with VLC to do so.

Steps to stream VLC on Chromecast:

  1. Once that file starts playing, open Google Chrome, open a new tab in it and select google cast.
  2. Then, if you see that the Google cast is enabled, select “Cast screen/ Window (experimental)”. This screen and window casting facility is in experimental phase and is used in beta mode.
  3. Many times, it has been reported to crash but is a suitable workaround as official methods are not working right now.
  4. When this feature is activated, the entire desktop will be streaming now to google Chromecast now. 5. However there will be a bit of latency depending upon quality of content and processor of PC but it will get the job done.
  5. Just open VLC player and all your media will be streamed easily to Chromecast.

If you want to stream content from VLC on android, it has not received an official update for doing so. However android is known for having a way around for everything. Users can select screen mirroring on android, and then go to VLC player where they can run the media in full screen mode and the job is done.