Google Chromecast users now have the option to use Spotify without paying any price. If you are a premium Chromecast user, then Spotify is giving you a free month. Know more about the process in the below-mentioned blog post.

Free Chromecasts On Spotify

Spotify as we all know is a premium music streaming channel that has thousands and thousands of digital media playback stored. People are ready to pay any price to listen to the quality music, but what if I say that you can listen to the same quality audio files for free, will you believe it? Well, you should because Spotify is free for those who are using Google Chromecast and having a premium Spotify account. There are many benefits of having a premium Spotify account. Not only you get to experience a wide range of music files, but a host of other features as well.

Coming this February 28th, Spotify is providing a new service in which the premium members will get a free Google Streamer. All they have to do is, sign up for the premium account, which costs around $30. I don’t think that the price is much because when you compare it with the features that you’ll be getting, then the price would seem justified or even low.

The only bad news about the whole offer is that it is restricted to the customers who are living in the United States and the United Kingdom. Earlier, Google Chromecast was used to provide limited streaming services, but now, with the inclusion of Spotify, things have become way more interesting. I would also like to mention that the service is free for first month only, otherwise everybody would start getting premium accounts and exploiting the content that is available at Spotify. Now, the question comes, how are you going to get all these things? Well, firstly, you need to make sure that you have a way to get free Chromecast Download for iPhone or any other phone that you are using. If you have no idea where to get the Chromecast app, then take the help of experts.

How to find and download Chromecast app?

There is no big issue in finding the right way to get the app, but you have to make sure that you get it for free. If some is charging for Chromecast app download for iPad or other tablet, then you should reject the offer and look for some other source where it is available for free. Apart from the Chromecast app, you need to find an extension as well. The extension will help you beam the music from your computer directly to your TV using Google Chrome browser.

You can easily get free Chromecast extension download for Chrome browser, but just in case, you don’t, then you have to contact the official support for Chromecast. Let me be very honest and mention that Spotify is a big platform and accessing it will be the best thing that you could have possible done in your life, but it is important to get the device properly set up for that. You need to get free Google Chromecast download for Android in order to have any chances of accessing Spotify.

If you are a PC user, then you can do the same steps and get the Spotify played on your TV via PC, using that extension. To know more about Chromecast download PC, you can ask any expert who have done it or check on the internet regarding the same. I am sure that you are going to get the most relevant info there.