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Power your Google Chromecast with amazing tips and tricks

chromecast tips and tricks

Besides streaming, you can power your Chromecast ability with some fine tips and tricks, which can act as a booster for your Chromecast. If you haven’t download chromecast yet, then grab it soon.

Are you enjoying the streaming with your Google Chromecast? The streaming device by the giant tech, Google, it’s been an amazing journey to mark the place of Google Chromecast as one of the key competitors in the streaming devices market. With the effective support from Google, the streaming device head on to provide its amazing features and services in an astounding way to all its potential users in the market. With the fascinating visual quality and content, Chromecast appears to be the fine choice for many potential streamers in the market. If you are a new streamer in the list, you can head for Chromecast Free Download to get the overview of the streaming service on your big screen.

There is no doubt that the amazing streaming device carries the fine features and services that can make the streaming experience much better than any other medium to stream your favorite content on the big screen. You can also go for Chromecast App download, which holds many amazing features and services to make your streaming experience more happening. Besides streaming, there is a lot more things which can power up your Google Chromecast with the amazing tricks and tips.

  • Streaming your content through a keyboard shortcut- If you don’t wish to use stream your content through any third-party apps from the computer to tv, then you can head to tie a keyboard shortcut to make it happen. You just need to download the Google Cast in Chrome browser to and pressing together – Ctrl O. You will pop-up box, on which you must choose the video.
  • Adjusting the quality- Before moving on, you need to move for Chromecast Extension downloadwhich will enable you to adjust the quality of your content. After downloading, just tap on the browser and choose the Options Menu. Many settings options would appear, one of them would be the setting of the quality of streaming media. The option includes Standard 480p, High 720p and the Extreme 720p (Higher bitrate). Make sure that you have the proper Wi-Fi connection and computer. Every PC holder can head for Chromecast PC download to get the streaming experience on their PC.
  • Motion enabled games- Smartphones are the best option when you want to go for this option. One should head to sync its iOS or Android device to the computer and then connecting it to the Chromecast. This will result in the ability of your smartphone to cast the game on the screen of your Tv.
  • The casting of tv series with Google Now and Netflix- One of the fine tip for the potential users is the use of app Tracker which can make you create the voice commands for your Google Now. You just need to set a command which will stream the Netflix series on your tablet or smartphone and then go for the Google Now. If you are a Daredevil fan, then just command “Play Daredevil on the TV” and leave the streaming part on the Netflix App.
  • Playing with the Emoji’s- If you checking out to personalize your streaming ability, then you can navigate to modify the Chromecast name by adding your favorite names. There are numerous emoji’s and character symbols, which you can find out in Chromecast options. You just need to choose edit and copy-paste any character name or emoji from the browser to your Chromecast name.

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