Rhythmbox is a music player for Linux variants like Linux Mint and Ubuntu. It is used to manage digital audio library. It is one of the many flagship and complete apps for Linux. As many apps for Linux, It is free and open source. It is mostly powered by GitHub users which are also active on reedit. Source code is readily available.

Rhythmbox support chromecast

Issue: Rhythmbox Support

Though, there are initially many plug INS for it, there is one plug in which has pulled and gained attraction of consumers and manufacturers. There are many GitHub users together whom have created a Chromecast plugin for rhythmbox.

Initially, rhythmbox does not support sharing and streaming anything. It is as simple as it can be. A music player and a library manager. Chromecast has an UPnP support from a long time due to which smartphones are able to stream local content on it. For PCs, there has not been an instance of any official app. However an official plugin for chrome browser on windows and mac has been released.

For Linux users, as chrome is built upon chromium open source project, the plug in also supports chromium and Chromecast app download. Plugins are not self-sufficient. A plugin cannot replicate the same thing for which a full app environment in form of Google Cast has been created in android and iOS along with download Chrome cast app google cast option.


Rhythmbox has tried to bridge that gap. Reddit users have shared a plugin for rhythmbox which will enable it to stream content on Chromecast. There are a few steps to be followed to ensure that this plugin for rhythmbox is installed properly for Chromecast download:

  1. Registry Checking:

Before installing the plugin, we have to check if Rhythmbox is intact and all its registry files are as they were by default. Apps like C cleaner can check the intactness of registry files and repair them if needed. CHash checker is also a great app to do so after Chromecast download.

  1. Settings Management

For users using Rhythmbox from a long time, they might have played around with settings. Some of those settings by default are set to allow any plugin to install. However if you have changed any settings, just Reset them to default. This will allow plugin to install properly after Google Chromecast download.

  1. Disable Anti-Virus

This might sound malicious, but third party plugins created by developers are sometimes detected as hack tools or keygen hacks by antivirus. This is because novice plug in creators do not pay any heed to the signature their app is giving away on Chromecast extension download. Disabling the antivirus is important for plugin installation.

  1. Quick Set Up Wizard

If you want your plug in to follow default settings in an express manner, use quick install wizard and install the plugin. If you are a power user feel free to use custom settings and fiddle around with settings.

After installing the plugin into your rhythmbox, users can stream music to any web browser. The plugin will also include chrome and chromium support. However as we know that for PC CAST plugin is introduced by google, so rhythmbox plugin will work in coordination with it.

Stream content from rhythmbox plugin to chromium browser, then open the CAST app in chromium browser and your music will readily be streamed on Chromecast installed on big screen.

If you are using a smartphone as a remote controller, you can also control basic play pause and rewind controls. As these plugins are a result of lots of work by community, direct support for rhythmbox will also be increased with time.

Quick Tip:

If you are using PLEX server services along with rhythbox it will be easier. You do not need to even touch your laptop and PC. Just open the Plex app in your smartphone, select Plex as server and rhythmbox as the data file. It will automatically open the library and you can stream all your music.

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