Market these days are flooded with different music streaming options and to make choice and settle for one is difficult. If you are music lover, who want something that fits to your mood and give you the best quality then you should go for Tidal.

Tidal is the subscription based music streaming service that offers you two digital music streaming services: Tidal Premium (lossy quality) and Tidal HiFi (lossless CD quality – FLAC-based 16-Bit/44.1 kHz).It also offers a losslessly audio package for $20 a month.

Tidal App chromecast supoort

This time Tidal, has something more to offer that will adds a little bit more excitement. Recently it had added support of Chromecast and Google Cast so that you can stream music from its app and them you can cast it on your Google Cast-enabled devices .Ensure that you have Chromecast set up to avail this service. Chromecast Download can be done by installing the Google Cast app.

Since this support is available for Google Cast that means it is not just restricted to streaming to Chromecast only rather variety of devices which have Google Cast Technology in-built, which includes the Chromecast Audio, Android TV devices, TVs with Android TV integration, and Google Cast-powered speakers and a number of TV’s in which Google Cast is integrated. You can get Chromecast App download available on Play store and App store.Tidal on app storeSo if you are Tidal user and fond of high quality audio systems and possess high quality audio system in home like Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay units then the chromecast is surely going to make you experience something better.

Google Cast technology is the part of latest update to the Tidal App. Tidal app is available on Play store as well as App stores on iOS, so doesn’t matter what device you have you will have the option to stream a Google Cast device.

The only change which has come in this app is not only Google Cast as it has also incudes improvements to Play Queue and there’s a bug fixes. If you haven’t checked out Tidal app and you should set yourself up for free trial for either version of the streaming music service, whether $9.99HD or lossless audio which cost $20 as mentioned above.

So, enjoy quality music downloading the app.