Google’s Chromecast streaming device ranked No. 1 in the shipment list for Most Popular TV streamers in 2015, according to Sources Google’s Chromecasts made up 35% of the 42 million streaming devices sold last year.

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In the lifetime shipping device list, Apple are still ahead from chromecast with 37 million Apple TVs, but Chromecast is not so far fromm apple Tv’s milestone: Google keep improving with shipping figure 27 million units of the streaming dongles were shipped since its staring in 2013.

On other side Roku done 20 million streaming boxes and sticks. Amazon done 10 million Fire TVs and Fire TV sticks.

It’s worth noting that streaming boxes and sticks are still trailing other device categories when it comes to the connected living room. TV manufacturers have started to add apps to most TVs sold these days, leading to 120 million smart TV shipments worldwide in 2015.

Smart TVs accounted for 54 percent of all connected device shipments in 2015. Combining these smart TVs, streaming sticks and boxes as well as game consoles and Internet-enabled Blu-ray players, manufacturers shipped 220 million connected devices in 2015, according to Strategy Analytics.

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