As we all know the Chromecast technology, a suitable and budget device to stream your favorite content, all you need to do is Download Chromecast. If you haven’t downloaded LocalCast for your Chromecast then do it right now, LocalCast is the excellent casting solution on Android with more than 1,000,000 users. You can easily stream or cast the videos, music or images from your devices such as phone or tablet, NAS (DLNA/UPnP or Samba), Google+, Google Drive, Webpage or Dropbox to your Chromecast.

LocalCast for your Chromecast

If you’re a Chromecast user, then keep in mind that Chromecast only supports a couple of formats such as Mkv, 3gp, mp4, and m4v, but different containers can be used for these containers. In case the content is not audible but the video is visible that’s means codec is not supported. Rest those who haven’t purchased this astonishing device, get it today and download the Chromecast app, Chromecast App Download will make you enjoy your favorite content.

If you cast from your device or DLNA, you will see the album cover on your television. The queue and playlists support all files but were added to easily set up music for your upcoming party and don’t worry about it.


If you’re a Chromecast user, then on your Chromecast, Nexus on some other casting device you can zoom, rotate and flip your images in a facile manner via ‘Now Playing’ screen, you just need to touch the button with 4 hours. Chromecast users can easily add subtitles. The addition of the subtitles in the same folder will take place automatically plus you can even change the color, background, and font.

LocalCast for your Chromecast

 By making touch on ‘Route audio to phone’ on the ‘Now playing’ screen, you can listen to your visible content or the content you’re watching. This aspect is in beta. By joining the beat community you can receive beta updates via Google Play. If you’re a Chromecast user, then we no need to tell that Chromecast Extension Download is another path to cast your content directly. For any assistance or support, you can the professionals.

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