Now we will try to make you understand more about this google dongle in this blog post. Simply Chromecast download in your system won’t give you information about this properly. So go through the below mentioned paragraphs for more reference.

What is google Chromecast?

This is a device launched by google in 2013. This is just like a dongle that connects to the HDMI port and lets you to cast the contents wirelessly. The main purpose of this device is to make TV smart. Google then keeps on updating its device year after year. Google launched Chromecast 2 in 2015, which was faster and quicker and moreover affordable. It arrived with Chromecast app that is a one stop shop for evert type of apps and contents. Just get Chromecast app download in your mobile and enjoy the seamless casting.

Know about the Chromecast 4K:

Know Everything About The New Chromecast 4K

Google is going to launch the new hardware in the media as claimed by android police. The two new pixel smartphones, 4K capable Chromecast and home speaker with amazon echo is going to be launched by the google. The name of the 4k device can be Chromecast plus or ultra. Google had all set to launch the 4K device earlier in 2015 but at that time they had launched disc shaped chromecast2. So the idea was postponed then. Down the line google also released the Chromecast audio device for connecting the external speakers wirelessly to a device. This made the normal system a home surround system. You just need to download Chromecast in your system for casting the audio contents directly.

What are the features in Chromecast 4K?

Google Chromecast 4K supports all the video contents and benefits the users who are using 4K supported TV sets at home. If it start supporting 4K videos then the Chromecast will beat all its rivals on this platform because they (Roku stick, Amazon fire stick) have not started supporting 4K video contents. Even the apple TV box doesn’t support such format of videos. If we speak in terms of compatibility with wifi networks then the new Chromecast is coming with 3 radio antenna rather than one for removing any interference that is caused through the signal strength. It is more pleasurable to see the improvements that are made with the Chromecast 2 in the upcoming Chromecast 4K device. Chromecast free download manual is available on the internet if you want to read the manuals or any type of information regarding the new product.

What about the look of Chromecast 4K?

Know Everything About The New Chromecast 4K

The actual look of Chromecast 4K is not known but it will be definitely improved than the older version. Because we have seen the changes in the earlier versions too so we can assume that changes will surely done. The Chromecast 2 was disc shaped device that can easily squeeze between the 2 ports. The colorful fonts as well as glossy bottom made it different from the previous model.

When will it be available?

Know Everything About The New Chromecast 4K

The device will be available in the market in the first week of October. We can expect it purchase either immediately or shortly after the announcement that will be made by google. Get Google Chromecast download in your mobile right after the purchase of Chromecast 4K.

What will be the cost of this device?

The price of 4K Chromecast is not known. It may cost more than $35 that is the cost of Chromecast audio. If you want to use Chromecast with your laptop then you must have Chromecast download PC software in your laptop.