Do you want to stream your favourites then what could be better than Chromecast. Chromecast is a device which when connected to HDMI port of your TV provides you the best streaming experience. Now, as you have made up your mind then you might be thinking that where you can get this amazing device at a better price then you can check out various online stores like JB Hi-Fi ,but for existing Chromecast customers Chromecast support is there for any technical assistance.

If you are thinking of buying Chromecast device for this Christmas or you still have one then you should be aware of the Chromecast offers and where to find them. Many Chromecast users are not even aware of these offers and end up losing them.



You might be wondering that what are Chromecast offers then let me tell you that these are the short-term deals which are provided by content producers such as Google to the owners of Chromecast. Chromecast offers include 3 months of free HBO, Half-off rental from Google Play and few free months of Netflix and Hulu.

When you purchase a new Chromecast you get an email and notification on your device which keeps you updated about some deals but after a month you don’t get notifications so frequent and you don’t even bother to check for any offer too. All you do is Chromecast App download and start casting your favorites on your TV screens.

After doing a bit research I have now found a place where you can get these offers. Yes, I will definitely share it with you guys out there.

Where to find these Chromecast offers:

However, to find these offers is easy. As Chromecast doesn’t have real UI so, that means all you have is the Google Home app where you would search for offers. While accessing your app hit the menu which is located up on the left and from there select ‘Offers’.

You will notice there are all sorts of stuff to choose from like YouTube Red, Google Play, NBA League Pass, and 90 days of free Play Music etc. You will all these offers. If the offer is not appearing in the Chromecast app then keep checking back. Download Chromecast in order to redeem the offers which you are not get till now. Also, all the offers are not given to all the Chromecast owners at the same time so check back a few times a week to see what is on offer.

We hope this will help you in grabbing some good deals on your Chromecast.