The number of media browsing galleries that these google digital media players offer for the convenient entertainment of the user is quite astounding. Some common Google Chromecast App Download entertainment sources are YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Vimeo, Google play, and many more other Google media searching a platform which aids Chromecast audience’s choice in entertainment.

Among the various Google Chromecast media sources YouTube and Netflix were the first to be used as a Chromecast supported searching platform, but today there are over 2000+ Download Chromecast channels which can deliver the exact match of Chromecast user choice in entertainment without consuming much of their time. The only thing that these Chromecast digital media streamers sources consume is a strong and steady wired or local connection to internet. With the assistance of Google media streamer or Google Chromecast people can implement smooth streaming of audio/ video media on their desired device which can be a TV, PC, smart phone or any other device which is compatible with the streaming ability of these Google media players.


The recent Google advancement in the functionality and streaming performance of the Google digital Chromecast dongle is the compatibility of Vimeo videos with the Chrome Cast Download streaming. Chromecast audience can now stream and browse exclusive Vimeo videos; they can have complete updated access to their favorite movie shows, episodes of their favorite reality shows, and many other videos of their interest in the most smooth and speedy way with the Google Chromecast Vimeo video support streaming ability.

It’s the best of all that Vimeo delivers with the casting ability of Google digital media player or more popularly tiled as the Google Chromecast. The Chromecast audience is given an opportunity to cast Vimeo videos to their desired receiving or display devices like on their Television sets with high quality resolution and perfect display features. This feature of Vimeo video casting via Google Chromecast download has been requested by many Chromecast users and finally the opportunity has been delivered to them in the most ideal manner. In order to reduce the chances of any hassle or quality issues it is preferred that vidcast plug-in are paired with chrome browser in this casting scenario. Now for those Chromecast users who have confusion about the pairing of Chromecast with Vimeo following are the step-by-step directions of Chromecasting Vimeo video media –

  • Firstly get chrome, download Google chrome because if you are wishing for casting anything on your TV or nay other display device you are surely going to demand assistance from Google chrome and Google cast extensions.
  • After getting Google chrome go for Google cast extension installation, Google cast extensions plays a very vital role in the Chromecasting of Vimeo videos in your web browser or Google chrome browser.
  • Once you get Google chrome and Chromecast Extension download, you need to bookmark vidcast. You can bookmark vidcast icon on your browsers bookmark bar for casting convenience.
  • Vidcast then smoothly allow and assist Chromecast of Vimeo videos on your television sets or any other casting display device that is compatible with the operational standards of the Google Chromecast digital media player.
  • Just click on vidcast bookmark, get redirected to a vidcast website with embedded Vimeo, now what you need to is just relax and Chromecast Vimeo videos that you wish to watch.


This Vimeo video Chromecast functionality has so much for the Chromecast audiences. They can choose what they wish to watch and where they want to watch it. Each and every function is embedded within the Chromecast system for ease and comfort of the Chromecast audiences who rely on the streaming services of Chromecast for their extreme entertainment.