Install Kodi With Chromecast Easily

Install Kodi With Chromecast Easily

If one is the best streaming dongle that one can have and then the other is the best streaming software that you can ever get. If they come together they make a killer package that will take your streaming experience to some other level.

If you are a streaming live sport, tv shows and movies lover then you must be aware about the benefits of Kodi. The Kodi is an open source software that can be installed on any device virtually and also it is infinitely mod able so it can be easily created according to your needs. You can also put Kodi on anything you like but media streamers are the best way to use Kodi in a perfect way. Google’s new Chromecast Ultra or Amazon’s Fire TV give you a flexible and easy way to create a portable Kodi device.

How do you get Kodi on your Chromecast Ultra? Don’t worry it’s not all difficult or complicated. We will tell you to install a kodi with your Chromecast Ultra.

Installing a Kodi on Chromecast using Android Phone or Tablet

Before going ahead one important information is that Kodi can’t be installed on Chromecast using an IOS device. So, we will tell you both long and short ways to install Kodi on your Chromecast using Android.

The Long Way:

  • First of all download ES File Explorer, Kodi, LocalCast and a .xml file of Player Factorycore.
  • Now open ES File explore r> Settings > Display Settings > tick Show Hidden Files.
  • Then ensure that your XMBC media center or Kodi is connected to Kodi app.
  • When done go to ES File Explorer again and open the Downloads folder.
  • PlayerFactoryCore.xml file that you download earlier should be here.
  • Now copy PlayerFactoryCore.xml file and navigate to Android > Data, her you will find either “org.xbmc.xbmc” or “org.xbmc.kodi” depending on streamer that you are using. Kodi will be org.xbmc.kodi.
  • Once open click on files >.kodi > user data > then paste PlayerFactoryCore.xml file into this folder.
  • Now open Kodi and try to navigate the video file you want to see.
  • Localcast will be then launched by Kodi automatically, though Android will ask you about the casting app you would like to use.
  • After loading, you will be asked to press play and about the device you would like to stream.
  • Once again you have to click play and it should play on your Chromecast connected TV.

The Short Way

  • On your Android open your Chromecast app.
  •  Open menu > Cast Scree/ audio > then follow the instructions to make a connection with Chromecast.
  • Now open Kodi.
  • Search out the video that you want to watch and click on play.
  • Now it will play across both the devices but neither you can take calls nor you can turn your screen.

Installing Kodi on Chromecast Using Computer

  • Streaming Kodi on Chromecast with the help of your PC or laptop is not much difficult process as you think. We will tell you how to connect Chromecast with Kodi using your PC.
  • First of all Download Chromecast App and Chrome and along with make sure that you should have Kodi or XMBC media center installed on your PC.
  • Now install Chromecast casting extension and Chrome.
  • Now open Chrome and select the option of cast from Chromecast extension download.
  • Here you will see an option of “Cast this tab to…” on its right there will be small down arrow, click on it and select “Cast Entire Screen (experimental)” option.
  • After doing this properly your entire computer will be streaming to your TV.
  • Now open XMBC or Kodi and watch the videos of your choice.


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