Boost Your Chromecast’s Streaming Performance With These Simple Steps

Chromecast First Edition is limited to streaming and support resolutions only upto 720p, which should deliver stutter-free video in most circumstances. You feel no problems during streaming in default quality, but if your Wi-Fi network is old and decrepit, you may need to something with the settings to play videos smoothly.

The Chromecast 2 is much batter in this task, and support resolutions upto 1080p. Repeat, the video quality will depend on the speed of your home Wi-Fi network.

If you find your video link is breaks up or video quality stutters, Just follow these simple steps to make sure for smooth video streaming:

Click the Cast extension button in your browser toolbar and select Options.

google cast extension

Choose a lower quality setting. Old Chromecast, Select 480p. With Chromecast 2, Select 720p.


Use Chromecast with 5GHz network

Buy Chromecast 2 if you don’t want to reduce streaming quality with dual band rouder for fine setting. You can try other way also which is selecting 5GHz network though your router to setup chromecast streaming quality.

  • Cast Google cast app From your smartphone or tablet.

  • Press the cog icon on the box for your Chromecast.

 Chromecast audio router setup

  • Now you can see the selected Wi-Fi Network for your Chromecast device. Tab this, to see the list of other available Wi-Fi networks.

Chromecast Wifi

  • Look for a network with a similar name (it’s usually the same and has “5GHz” or similar in the name), select it and enter your password.