Chromecast is an amazing Device which can be plugged into your big screen, free Download Chromecast for iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook and you are ready to go to mirror your content.


How to get the best out of Chromecast?

Using guest mode is an amazing feature of Chromecast as friends and all whom you don’t want to give your Wi-Fi password can directly connect to Chromecast without using modem or Wi-Fi. All they have to do is, search for free Chromecast Download for Android, as they use their own hotspot and connect straight with the Chromecast, but one has to make sure that the device is turned on into Chromecast, else it won’t work.

Secondly, Mira cast had a monopoly along with TeamViewer but it is easy to mirror your phone and laptop screen on bigger screen. Chromecast App download tab under Chromecast webpages has all links of iOS android kindle and all supported devices. Android devices above ice-cream sandwich support the app and whatever exactly is on phone screen is mirrored on to the TV.

The most phenomenal thing about Google Chromecast

The highlighting feature about Chromecast is that it supports all major platforms and using that device on TV and there are Chromecast Free download apps supporting that device. This is the USP which made WhatsApp popular as it has supported all major and minor platforms from starting till now.

Strangely, the platform which gets fastest app availability, PC is lagging when it comes to Chromecast. Chromecast Download PC is nothing but just an extension so it is not full-fledged. It just mirrors whatever tab is open right now and has its glitches however official Chromecast support is coming in future versions of google chrome on pc and it will provide a full-fledged experience just like mobile devices.

Most present day TVs can also be controlled form the mobile Chromecast app like switching them ON, selecting HDMI and channel and sound levels and all so Chromecast turns all phones connected to it in universal Remotes too.

As it is backed up by google, so all the major apps available on iOS, android, PC, MAC can be accessed using Google Chromecast. Moreover, the ability to mirror our local content such as videos photos, slides and music too on our PC can also be done, all thanks to dedicated Chromecast apps. These apps are available for both Mac and Windows tablets as well as laptop. All you need is to get over the website and download it and install on your device.

What are the unique features in Google Chromecast?

There are a number of unique features in Google Chromecast which have made users go haywire to buy it. Suppose you want to watch TV but don’t want to disturb anyone, Chromecast has made it easy as you can attach your wired earphones to your cell phone, and video will play on TV screen and audio will be streamed into your earphones which are something to be excited about. You can also install Chrome browser to stream your internet. Apple iPhone and iPad users can also download it from the app store easily.

The final verdict about Google Chromecast: Should you buy it or give it a pass?

Unlike some new smart devices like amazon echo, Chromecast is made by google so there won’t be any app availability issue or update issue as it regularly gets updates along with 3-D and VR support promise from google by installing the cardboard app on your smartphone that is responsible for all the hype that is made up around Chromecast all available for a reasonable price.