Mac users can now stream digital content from their Mac devices to Google Chromecast. Users need to add Chromecast app and Chromecast extension to get the process going in a smooth way.


Good news for Apple users, as now, they can access Google Chromecast on their Apple devices. There was certain friction between Google and Apple in the past, but now, it is all resolved. Google Chromecast is now streaming all sorts of digital content on Apple devices, especially Mac. On the Mac, Google Chromecast pairs with Safari, though the convenience that a user gets is not as much as he/she can get after using Google Chrome browser or Firefox web browser. The user may have to switch for streaming any content that a user like to beam to his/her TV. There are some networks like Netflix that works great with Chrome, as it is the part of Google.

Tips to download Chromecast app

A user need to download Google Chrome browser on his/her Mac device. The process of Chromecast extension download and installation is same as that in the Windows PC. But, a user need to download Chromecast app as well, which is available in the iOS store. Users can download Chrome cast app for free, so there is nothing to worry about paying for the app.

Use a third-party source

If you are not able to get the app from the Apple App store, then you can get it from a third-party store as well. But, make sure that you get it free, as Chromecast app download is free of cost, no matter which platform you choose.

  1. Now, you have to plug Google Chromecast in your TV, which has to be a modern TV with an HDMI port.
  2. The device would be charged from the HDMI connection. If the device doesn’t charge through it, then you can plug it in the power adapter in order to power up the device.
  3. Now, you have to switch your TV input in order to be connected.

To be able to perform the free Google Chromecast download for Mac Pro, there are multiple ways. So, you can opt for the easiest way to get the app for your Mac. If you have been using Mac for just personal and business related work, then try out the partnership of Chromecast and Mac, and see how it changed the way of your regular entertainment.