Are you looking to install Chromecast App on Windows 10? If yes, then you need to find a way to get the free Chromecast app download. Doing this will let you access to a wide spectrum of digital content.


With the launch of Windows 10, many people are now having a question in their minds that, ‘can they download Chromecast app for Windows 10’? Well, this question is justified because a new platform may or may not support the applications, which haven’t been updated or upgraded. It took time for Windows to make the adjustments, but they finally rolled out Chromecast app. So, what users can do is, they can download Chromecast app for free and watch all the exclusive and exquisite digital content on their TV without any issue.

With the help of Microsoft Edge, users can now easily cast videos, audios and pictures from their web browsers to TV and other DLNA enabled device on the network. It is now possible for the Google Chromecast users to stream a wide range of digital content easily from YouTube to the TV. It is an inevitable fact that, YouTube is one of the most popular sources of watching entertaining shows, so Google Chromecast streams those entertaining videos through Chromecast App. In order to download free Chromecast, users can add Chromecast extension on their web browsers. After adding the extensions, users need to search the Chromecast app download on the Windows Store.

Features of using Google Chromecast through Windows 10

AV Cast

Av Cast for chromecast download

Users can now cast their media to any Google Cast device. If users don’t know about AV cast, then it is a free solution for using Google Chromecast. Using AV Cast will let you cast all the songs, videos and images from your Windows device to Google Chromecast and other devices supported by Chromecast in your house.

Tube for Chromecast

tube for chromecast-chromecast download

This feature allows you to watch movies on your TV via Google Chromecast. You just need to start the Chromecast app and connect Google Chromecast to the TV. After doing so, launch the Chromecast app and watch videos directly on your television. It is easy to download Chromecast PC that has Windows 10.

For more information about the same, you can browse the internet and search for the steps pertaining to installation of Chromecast app for Windows 10. There are some technical support providers that assist people on this particular issue.