If you are using a MacBook Pro and wanting to stream movies and TV shows to your TV via Google Chromecast, then there is a possibility. Google Chromecast is available at the Apple App store, so users just need to free download Chromecast app


Google Chromecast is a popular streaming device that operates when a user plugs it into the HDMI port of the TV. It can be played on the PC/laptop, but people prefer to use it on the TV, as TV screens are bigger and better than PC/laptop screens. Google Chromecast is now available on Apple devices as well. To elaborate on this, Google Chromecast operated through the Chromecast app, which was not available at the Apple App store.

Why Chromecast app was not a part of the Apple App store?

This was due to the rivalry between the two companies, but then, there were some compromises on both the sides, which has made it possible for the Apple users to free download Chromecast for MacBook Pro. There is no need to pay any price for downloading the Chromecast app. Users can download Chromecast for free from the Apple App store.

How easy or difficult is the Chromecast app installation process?

Chromecast download can be done by opening the App store on the MacBook. Search for the app, click the download button, wait till the app gets downloaded and enjoy! The installation process won’t take much time, so you can easily perform it without any assistance. Though there are certain limitations for the Apple users in terms of using all the features of Google Chromecast, yet there are a lot of things that they can use and enjoy.

Downloading Chromecast app: paid or free?

The most important thing is to make sure that you download Chromecast app free of cost because there are many online resources that take a fee of letting people do Chromecast app download. But, you should remember that the app is free and will remain free until there are any updates from the company. People have successfully performed Chromecast download PC, but there were some doubts regarding the downloading of the app on MacBook Pro, but now, it is possible.

With the inclusion of Chromecast App in the Apple App store, the customer base of Google Chromecast has expanded further. To know more about Chromecast app and its association with the Apple devices, you can browse the internet.