Chromecast has changed the meaning of streaming devices using Chromecast app download. While other streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are sort of self sufficient resources with complex software’s, google has come up with a cheap and best solution to streaming.

If your smartphone is always with you and is always on, why do you need a secondary ecosystem to watch TV? If you have a Netflix account on your smartphone, why do you need to install one again on your TV? Instead download Google cast extension and you are good to go.


About Google Chromecast:

Google has made a small thumb drive 30$ device called google Chromecast with Google cast extension. What it does is pretty simple and easy. It streams content from your smartphone. However, it has its functionalities which makes it more entertaining than what it looks in first look. There are thousands of apps supported for Chromecast. For instance, you have Netflix on your smartphone. Just install Google cast app, open Netflix app, click on cast overlay button since Netflix supports Chromecast and all your content is streamed on TV.


This is not what it looks like. If you are streaming content using the CAST overlay button after Google Chromecast App download, content will be routed from the streaming app servers directly to Chromecast. It means that smartphone directly will not be involved in streaming. Instead smartphone will give the link and control to Chromecast to fetch data from Netflix. This will mean no battery drainage and freedom to use smartphone freely.

Every app except those for local content using Chromecast extension download for PC, which has an overlay button to cast gives control to the app itself. Smartphone is only needed to route content, stop or start it. However, if we are using screen mirroring, that is where the technicalities come into play. The mirroring service uses smartphone directly as a source.


Basically if we are using Mira cast, TeamViewer or inbuilt connect streaming service of android, it mirrors whatever is being shown on android device’s screen. On one side it is a great feature. We do not have to go into the cast app, secondly there are numerous apps and games which do not support cast and streaming directly for which mirroring is perfect. Last of all as there are some apps which do support cast and some which do not, mirroring removes the ambiguity as it has a bigger scale than cast app.

The downside is whatever is on your android screen is streamed. For instance, if you are streaming a movie using mirror, if you get a SMS or an instant message popup that will also be shown on bigger screen. It is a hindrance in viewing as well as privacy. While if we are using the cast app, our messaging and calls will be confined to our smartphone only.

Switching off of smartphone

If we are using a mirror function, it uses smartphone as a server. If smartphone or controlling device switches of, Chromecast display will go out into screensaver mode.

If we are using the cast feature to, say stream our favourite NBA match from NBA 16 app, even if smartphone battery dies, streaming will continue. So to continue streaming while our smartphone is off we have to ensure that:

  1. We are using a “CAST” feature and not mirroring
  2. Our app from which we are casting should support “CAST” feature
  3. The Wi-Fi hotspot to which both smartphone and Chromecast are connected should not be smartphone itself
  4. Even if phone dies, there must be a continuous internet and power supply.

Quick Tips:

Android has a hotspot feature using which it can be made into a Wi-Fi emitting hotspot. Just to make sure, do not connect your Chromecast to your smartphone hotspot. If you do, and your phone dies, streaming will end because internet connectivity will be gone.

Give your Chromecast a stable and always on Wi-Fi connection.

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