Chromecast has made its recognition in the market along with Chromecast app download. Though anything from google is eventually a hit, it was google cardboard which took a nose dive down to failure.

Plex App With Chromecast Extension

Chromecast was something not everyone was sure about. No one knew what this device’s usage was and what will be its future. It was a mixture of a streaming device, a TV tuner and a pen drive but it could not do even one of these three tasks fully after download Chromecast dialog is passed through.


Critics in beginning criticised it for being heavily dependent on apps and not having its own resources. Nothing much needs to be said now as now Chromecast is one of the most sold home usage entertainment devices using Chromecast download. It has also received a recent hardware update and in its small time period of launch, its own market place is soon going to hit a million apps on it.

If we shortly understand usage of Chromecast and Chrome cast download, it is a bridge between your file servers, your smart phone and all your local files to be played on TV. It also has more usages. Apps like Netflix support it and content from all of them can be streamed on it. For a smartphone or a device running on android and iOS, users can have a Google cast app. For PC, users can use chrome browser and cast extension for it.

It also supports screen mirroring natively in android devices and recently it has received updates for playing multiplayer games. 720p HD ready resolution is natively playable on Chromecast which might be updated in future. It also uses a dual band wireless for faster streaming. In all these long lists, Plex has been added recently to Google Chromecast download app market place.

Plex And Tts Features:

Plex is a powerful app which makes your native device a server for streaming content to other devices. It also supports Chromecast. Plex is a dream come true for PC users using Chromecast extension download who want to stream local content from their PC and tablet to Chromecast. The cast extension in chrome browser is not efficient enough to stream content to Chromecast.

First of all it directly does not do the job. It still needs a smartphone to stream. Secondly major frame rate drops are seen when doing multitasking on PC. Thirdly, chrome browser itself hogs so much RAM that content streaming is stutter.

Solution:  Using Plex And Chromecast Automatically

Plex app’s working is simple. Install it in your PC, make it a file server, and cast it to google cast directly like a smartphone without the need of one. Plex has an added benefit of cross platform cross format support. If Chromecast supports an mp4 file but our video is a matroska or MKV file, we will have to convert it and then stream it if we use conventional methods.

However, if we are using Plex, all we have to do is install Plex app in our phone and on Chromecast, then stream any video file directly to Chromecast hardware and it will play on the go. Plex has its inbuilt transcoding. There are no frame drops and audio sync is perfect unlike google chrome extension for PC.

It is important in case of Chromecast. Normally smartphones and movie players play full HD movies and even 4K movies instantly. Chromecast has limited video playability resources. Plex’s inbuilt transcoding and independent client server architecture plays videos efficiently on Chromecast.

The server is free, transcoding too is free but there is a subscription time validity. Surely there are way arounds but they do not offer complete future proofing. However for as low as 70$, users can have a life time subscription of plex and using its services.

Quick Tip:

Plex has also added a support directly for apps like Chromecast and apple TV. All you have to do is download Chromecast app and play the plex videos inside plex app and cast it to big screen.