Are you looking to stream content from your iTunes to Chromecast? If yes, then you can do it easily by downloading TunesKit for iTunes. If you also want to listen to different podcasts, then you can download and install those podcast apps and listen to all the exclusive content.

chromecast for itune/podcast mac pro

Google Chromecast was launched with a limited set of features, but over time, things have gone better and better. Now, Google Chromecast supports more apps than any other streaming device. Back in the day, Google Chromecast had some issues with Apple as well, since both the platforms are rivals in many niches. But, they have managed to sort out their differences and Google allowed Apple iTunes to be connected into the Chromecast. With this, people who were using Apple devices got the ability to stream movies and TV shows from iTunes to the TV through Google Chromecast. The popularity of Apple iTunes is something that we all are well-aware of. Watching HD qualities movies and shows are possible with the help of Apple iTunes. There was a simple combination, i.e., connecting Apple iTunes with Apple TV, but the problem with this combination is the price of Apple TV, which is quite high. On the other hand, Google Chromecast is a lot cheaper, therefore, people are opting for Chromecast instead of Apple TV.

  1. To connect iTunes with Chromecast, you have to download TunesKit, which can be downloaded and installed on your Mac.
  2. The reason for having this kit is that, all the content in your iTunes is copy-protected by DRM protection. This protection bars from copying the content to other devices except Apple’s.
  3. So, TunesKit is the only way to break this protection and stream high quality digital content from Apple iTunes to your TV with the help of Chromecast.
  4. You also have the option to get the TunesKit video converter for Windows, which will save you from getting into the complications of changing things.
  5. There are both, free and paid versions available of the software, so if you are not interested in paying for the software, then you can get the trial version of the same.

That was about connecting the iTunes with the Google Chromecast. In the similar way, podcasts can be added as well. The steps are a lot simpler, as you just need to download and install the podcast app that you want to listen to. Some of the most popular podcasts that you can listen on your TV via Chromecast are:

  1. Pocket Casts
  2. Podcast Addict
  3. Upod Podcast Player
  4. DoggCatcher
  5. BeyondPod

To be able to listen to different kinds of podcasts, you have to download Chrome cast for Windows. You have to make sure that your Chromecast is combined with Chromecast extension. There are a lot of advantages of having Chromecast extension, as it allows you to have more features.

In order to be able to get free Chromecast extension download for Mac, you can go online, browse for the extension, download and install it.  You can also get the extension for PC, and the process of doing so remains the same. You can find all the info pertaining to the Chromecast PC download on the internet.

Is it not possible to connect iTunes and Podcast with Chromecast without doing Google Chromecast download?

Yes, it is possible, but experts recommend that you should have the extension installed on your device so as to be able to use the third-party apps in a better way. Moreover, it is not difficult to perform Chrome cast download, so you should not worry about getting the extension.