A good news for Google Chromecast users, as now they will be able to cast from the Chrome tab to their TV screens without downloading and installing any extensions. Just right click on the screen and click ‘cast’ option.

Chromecast Download - Cast This tab

There is no better feeling than watching the same thing on the TV that you have been watching on the PC. Well, it was not possible a few years ago, but with the manufacturing of the streaming device, that feature came into the existence. Now, you can mirror the tab and the content that is present in it onto your TV. It was not as easy as it is today, but having such a feature have made people excited.

As the time has progressed, mirroring screens on PC and TV has become a lot easier. The benefit of mirroring screen is simple, i.e., you get to watch the same thing that is currently being shown on your PC. The company is even working on the technology with which they can allow people to mirror screens without thinking about how to download Chromecast extensions. There is no specific date or time as to when this kind of feature would be developed, but it is going to happen.

The company wants to have the cast option on the right click of the mouse. They don’t want people to go into the Chrome web store and get free Chromecast extension download for PC. The step is not so difficult to perform, but there are quite a few people who are not well-versed with the plugins and extensions that are used in the web browsers, so they may feel some difficulties getting the Chromecast download option in the web browser.

Moreover, it will avoid the entry of any bugs, as many people download things from third-party or unreliable sources. As this feature is in its trial version, a sense of excitement can be felt in the customers regarding the new feature because they want things to be simplified rather than full of complexities. This feature is going to show up in the days to come, but as I have mentioned above, there is no specific time given until now.

Google is working on it, and we all know that when Google works on something, there is always a spectacular in the making. So, you can expect the same. There won’t be a need to look for free Google Chromecast download for Windows or Mac. The concept of having the ‘cast’ option on the right click is fascinating.

Just imagine, right clicking on the page and selecting the cast option. This will mirror your Chrome tab with the TV, thus letting you watch all the things, which you would have seen with the help of a USB cable or a pen drive and so on. Many people prefer to have free Chromecast app download for Android or iPhone, but with that feature, there is no need to get that option. Every can be done with the right click of your mouse.

The world is based upon sharing today, so all the IT companies are trying their best to connect people and their resources in as simple way as possible. This casting feature is Google’s small effort in this regard, but what most experts believe is that it will help people in a huge way. Just find a way to Chromecast download PC and that’s it, you can easily watch the content on your TV, which until now you have been watching on small laptop/PC screen.