How can you enable and disable the Chromecast network notifications on Android?


All Chromecast users, Are you doing great with your Chromecast device? Being one of the top products of Google, the streaming device has been a fine performer in all the streaming devices in the market. By rendering the best features and services, the streaming device has also been the classic choice for all the streamers around the globe.

With the high intensity of competition and technology, Google has been on its feet to continuously upgrade its lineup of Chromecast devices with the exclusive lineup of features and functions to render the better streaming experience to all the users. In the lineup of all the features, the most appealing feature of the Chromecast device is that it allows the users to stream their favorite bunch of content on their big screen with the fine Google services.

Apart from the big screen, the Google’s streaming device is also compatible with other devices like tablets and mobile devices, which makes the steaming device a great source of entertainment.

As you are pretty aware that the Chromecast device is an ultimate casting platform, but the Google home companion app has not gotten a long awaited update to make it quite better. Still, one of the irritating complaints was with the Chromecast network notifications, which permitted the users to control the playback of any Chromecast device on the network, even if the playback is not started by them on the device. Ultimately, you have to end up getting the number of many playback notifications if you are accessing a busy network.

But, now you can head on to prevent these notifications from getting displayed on the other devices, which means that no one would be allowed to mess with your choice of music when they are not even listening to it. You will get the update in the form of a toggle switch that just permits you to easily disable all the network notifications for the Google Home and Chromecast.

Now, you must be thinking how to do that? Well, check out these step-by-step guide-

  • Firstly, head on to unlock the Google Home app.
  • After that, just click the Devices button in the screen’s top right-hand corner.
  • Now, just scroll through the list of all the devices to search out the device that you would wish to stop sending the notifications.
  • After that, head on to click the menu button on the card for your device.
  • Now, head to the Device Info and turn off the “let others control your casted media.

In both the updates, there is a slight difference. Before, you were only able to disable the notifications on a device-by-device basis. And now, you can easily disable all the network notifications. So, you can now head to start the playback on a Chromecast device and notifications will not trouble you any more on the other devices on the network.

If you don’t see the toggle switch, then head to check if there is any update available for the Google Home app.  Apart from this, you can also head on to control or not the pop up of the Chromecast notifications on your device, and here are some of the ways you can do this.

Check out the simplest way to stop the Chromecast notifications on your device-    

  • Head on to unlock the Settings app.
  • Now in the “Personal” section, just head to click Google, and then hit the “Cast media controls”
  • After that head to turn off the slider.
  • For re-enabling the cast media controls, just follow the similar steps and then switch on the slider back.

If the problem still arises, just head to the professionals for better guidance and assistance.

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