It seems Google is not able to make up its mind over chromecast branding. Recently, Google had changed the name of Google Cast and now it had again decided to rename it to Chromecast.


It has been quite a long time since, Chromecast debut in 2013. After its launch,it soon became the most successful device of the Google which raised the sales figures. It costs $35 when it debut in the market. People who are new to this streaming device for them, chromecast is a streaming device which provides excellent streaming quality once you Download Chromecast and Chromecast Free Download is available for your smartphones and it cast the content directly to your TV screens when it gets plugged into the HDMI port of the TV.

After sometimes, the tech giant Google started partnering with other companies, such as Sony, LG, Vizio and integrating the cast technology into various products like TVs and speakers.

Earlier, Google named this integrated technology “Google cast” and then rebranded its Chromecast app to Google cast. And the Google’s steaming stick is still called the Chromecast and this chrome branding highlights the Chrome OS it runs on but, the app used to control it and other cast enabled devices is called Google Cast.

Now, Google Home brings another twist in the terms of branding as company rebranded the Google Cast app again and now it is called “Home”. All this has happened in the same year and this has created lot of confusions.


Now, Google is again heading back to Chromecast name. According to variety, Google has been quietly removing Google cast and replacing it with Chromecast built-in. Customers can relate more to the ‘Chromecast built-in’ name as it seems as a connection between cast enabled devices and Chromecast but the complete process of rebranding is very frustrating.

Google also renamed its Google Cast Twitter account to @Chromecast. You can also the casting website that it also mentions the new name as “Google Cast–also known as Chromecast built-in”. Variety also points out that Google’s partners have also started removing and replacing the name of Google Cast on their websites.

I know it’s all mindboggling because it’s not normal to go through the rebranding of the product now and then. So, let’s know this in a simple way The Chromecast $35 and Chromecast Ultra which is capable of streaming 4K and HDR videos are still known by the same name. The cast technology which you will find in speakers and TVs from other manufactures will use name “Chromecast built in” and the app which is capable of managing these devices including Google Home is called “Google Home app”. If this continues to happen then there is a possibility that Google could decide to change the name again in coming few months.

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