There are two ways to stream the contents via Chromecast. These are discussed below:

  1. You can stream the contents via mobile or web apps that supports Chromecast. For mobile you need to have download the app through play store or other mobile store. If you want to stream through browser then you must have Chromecast download PC app in browser.
  2. You can use screen mirroring feature for streaming the contents from the source. For this you require Chromecast Extension Download in your chrome browser for mirroring the web contents to the TV. Similarly you can also mirror the contents from android devices. The setup is same for both.

Google Offering 2 Months Free Trial For Spotify To Its Chromecast Users

Even Chromecast has gained a market even then google keeps on updating the Chromecast users with latest and new perks. Google is offering free trials for channels like Netflix and amazing deals on google play services. These offerings allure the new customers as well. These services are on trial bases so customers can enjoy these free of cost.

The latest benefit provided by the google to its existing Chromecast users is two month free trial for Spotify. It is a Swedish music platform that provides music contents from labelled media companies. The music can be browsed according to artist, playlist, label and genre. It means that Chromecast users can access more than 20 million songs from different artist with help of Spotify app. They just have to download Chromecast app first then find the Spotify app music service in the search menu.

Google Offering 2 Months Free Trial For Spotify To Its Chromecast Users

All the Chromecast and its Chromecast audio users will able to stream the contents available on Spotify free of cost up to 15th September. The medium to listen the songs can be any. It can be your home theatre or TV speakers. It depends on you that what type of music you want to experience either high pitch or low pitch sound.

Chromecast is available for purchase in countries outside United States also but the Spotify trial is limited to US owners only. This is started with aim to draw the attention of more and more people towards the music service. They will feel relaxed after listening to the music on Spotify.

If you are going to connect the Chromecast with mobile then you need to have Chromecast download in your mobile for controlling the device through mobile. You can play, pause and stop the contents on Chromecast through mobile. To download this app, go to the mobile store from your mobile and find Chromecast Free Download app. Once you download it, install it in your mobile. You can now able to cast the YouTube videos to the home TV which are being played at your device.

If you already subscribed to Spotify channel then you cannot avail this perk. You are not eligible for this benefit. However, to enjoy the free services, you can create a new account on the Spotify. After trial pack is over just deactivate it.

Besides this free trial that Chromecast is offering, it’s also offering a 90 day free trial of google play music for entertainment until the last month of this year. Both the music services are available for you. Now it’s your decision to select one out of it. Just get the Google Chromecast download and enjoy these splendid serv