Google Chromecast has transformed the living room entertainment


With the moving time and trend of competition, the ultimate Google Chromecast has also positioned itself as one of the finest streaming devices in the market. On this 24th July 2017, the Google’s prime product has completed its run of 4 years. And in the span of these 4 years, the fascinating streaming device has also become a preferable entertaining choice of all the streamers around the globe.

Well, back in the initial year of 2013, the chromecast device was not a game changing streaming device in the competitive market. At the beginning stage, it was just a funky device with a normal design which has now been counted in the list of all the leading streaming devices. Check out some of the highlighting points about the device in the span of these 4 years:

  • The dynamic source of media streaming– As compared to the other streaming devices, Google Chromecast comes out with no bugs. Google just made the streaming device compact and remove the chance for a confusing UI and also sold the device at just $35 only. After the time of 1 year, Google reported that millions of had been sold by the company all over the world and it was also the top class streaming device for the media streaming in the year 2014.

Since the release of Chromecast, we have witnessed that the other competitors are also be offering the same features. The list includes Amazon Fire TV Stick and Roku Express. These products have also marked their fine place in the streaming market, but when it is talking about the simplicity and ease of using, Chromecast stands out as the promising choice.

  • No requirement of two user interfaces when the requirement is one- Besides the small size and the low price, the most talked feature of the Chromecast was the streaming process. Sidelining all the other streaming devices which forced you to head via the poorly structured menus and apps to search out what you wish to watch. Google just remove these unwanted offerings and come up with a simple setup process of “casting.”

Google released the “casting” with its first-gen Chromecast, which is probably the classic process of unlocking any app on the phone, just touching the Cast icon and your app will get connected to your Chromecast or the Android TV. Now, this is the most common process which every Chromecast consumer is aware off, but was a new system for 4 years.

  • The future and status of Chromecast- After the debut before 4 years ago, the streaming device hasn’t displayed any slowing down problems. Google also expanded the lineup of Chroemcast with the best audio-centric solution in the form of Chromecast Audio in 2015, and last year we also witnessed the Chromecast Ultra with the support for 4K HDR streaming at just $69.

Still, Google actively promotes the Chromecast lineup on the Google Store, and looking at the numbers how the tech giant sold out 30 million Chromecast devices in July 2016 seems a promising figure that states that the consumers are also equally taking an interest in the product too.

Now, in 2017, we have got the $69 Chromecast Ultra for 4K streaming, the $35 Chromecast, Full HD streaming, and Chromecast Audio for letting you cast your favorite music to any speaker with the proper setup with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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