Streamers! Are never resting they are always streaming their favorites. Gone are the days when people use to wait for their favorites patiently now they just stream it and watch it whenever they like. I usually catch up my favorite movies and shows on Netflix.

The world of streaming is gaining new heights each day and two technical giants are giving each other neck to neck competition and both want to completely take over one another. These two giants are Google and Apple  now and then they come up with modifications like Chromecast and Airplay.

So, let’s see How Chromecast(Google Cast) works:


Some of us might be aware of its working and those who are not read along, Google Cast is the technology behind Chromecast which send and receives the media after Chromecast download. Moreover, Google has also provided this software to many third party hardware makers so that they can also have Chromecast experience in different forms.

Chromecast doesn’t rely on any separate sending device it has the ability to go and get the media one wants. You can Playback, download etc on your Chromecast. Chromecast comes in –built Google Cast API and it can be built into an app and it is independent of operating system.

Now let’s see how airplay works:

Apple was the first to explore the streaming content environment. Apple announced its Airplay Mirroring than anyone else in the market way back in 2011. Apple did some marvelous thing like with a touch of a button and your screen or app appears on a bigger screen.


Moreover, Airplay utilizes wireless streaming protocols and any movie, app or screen you send over Airplay to an Apple TV streams directly from your device. For instance, the media that is displayed on the screen is received and sent to Apple TV by Macbook , iPad or iPhone. The Apple TV simply receives the signal and send it to the screen. For instance, you want to show a video on a big screen. You have to ensure that your TV is connected to Apple TV and you will need Apple device for mirroring. After this, you open up a video and swipe up and click Airplay and select the Apple TV and here your video is on your TV screen. But in such case, you cannot use your phone freely while this playback is taking place. If you don’t have a proper Wi-Fi connection then you might experience lots of artifacts during playback.

In a case of Chromecast, as you can Download Chromecast from the playstore or Apple store, your Google Cast works across many devices and apps as it is an API. It hardly matters which device you are using and Chromecast also works pretty well with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS. In case of ChromeOS, you might require Chrome Extension Download. All you have to click on the cast button and select the device you want the content to stream.

With Chromecast you will be able to move to another app and do various things as the video is playing in the background. You can also track volume and controls with your Chromecast.

So,who wins:


Well, if we look from the streaming point of view than Chromecast stands out as the video casted by Chromecast appears better and more stable than the video which is mirrored by Airplay. Also, you can cast across multiple devices. You can cast content from Chromecast from Android as well as Apple devices.

Chromecast is accessible to various devices so that why we are seeing more of the Google Cast logo in various apps and services. Chromecast will continue to grow in the market as a streaming device as it gets 3rd party support.

Taking account all the points in mind Chromecast is the winner as it brings the world of streaming so conveniently.