How is it going with your chromecast device? There is no doubt that the Google’s streaming device has marked up its fine place in the streaming device category. With the bunch of astounding features and services, chromecast has managed to be the ultimate entertaining source for all the potential users across the local boundaries.

Google has always been quite active in terms of improving and raising the standard of the performance and user experience by upgrading the device in terms of features and other options. In all the upgrades, one of the fine upgraded features is the chromecast network notifications which renders you all the notifications related to all the networks that work with the streaming device, ultimately giving you the ease of watching your favorite content on your preferred network.

Basically, the feature sounds a pretty good option for all the users out there to manage their preferred networks and content in a fine way. You can easily control the media if you actually not watching or listening to the content, and you can also end up the multiple notifications on the very busy network. In order to ease out the controlling of the feature, Google is now adding up the option which will allow you to control the feature by turning it Off/On. This will also help you to power all the network notifications for the chromecast device or for your Google home.

On the previous stage, you were only allowed and able to disable the notifications on the basis of each device. So, it was like each person was required to head to their Google settings in order to switch off the notifications. On the basis of the Google Chromecast support page, it has been witnessed that the Google home app has got a toggle which is able to disable all the notifications for all the content on the level of the network. Now, there will be no media notification on the casting of any device for anyone on the preferred network. We have come up with the fine way to do it. Check out the following steps in order to do it.

1) The first thing which you will need to do is to unlock the Google home app.

2) Now, you will require heading to the top right corner screen of the home, and then click Devices in order to view all the available Chromecast devices.

3) Now, you need to search out a portable device card for your streaming device that you are willing to protect in the case of sending out the cast notifications.

4) Head on to click the Device card menu in the device card’s top right corner.

5) Now head on to the Device Info and under it, simply switch off the option of “Let other control your casted media”.

Till now, there is no official confirmation regarding the toggle, which seems to appear soon.