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How is it going with the Google’s streaming device? Since the launch, the digital streaming device has embarked its position among the top competitors in the market. With the package of astounding features and enthralling services, Google chromecast has also managed to grab the eyeballs of all the worldwide users in a fine way.

Due to the pace of technology and competition, chromecast has always been upgraded in terms of improving the performance and user experience with the addition of new features and services. Apart from these things, one of the most amazing qualities of the streaming device is its ability to cast the content directly on the big screen with the support of fine Google services.

In the list of Google services, the chrome browser is also an important aspect of the streaming device. As the Chromecast functionality in the Chrome browser simply allows to cast your favorite content on the big screen in an easy way. There was a time when you needed to install up to the chromecast extension to the chrome browser to kick start your streaming experience.

But, now with the latest changes in the chromecast functionality, it would be easy to access the streaming device in a much better way. With the new chrome browser version 51, you can get the following changes in the Cast functionality in the Chrome.

  1. No requirement of installing an extension– Now, there will be no need to install a chromecast extension download to hunt down your chromecast device ( Chromecast built-in speaker, TV with Chromecast built-in, or Chromecast audio, and Chromecast) from the Chrome browser). The chromecast functionality now has built-in as the part of the chrome browser. If you have installed the cast button earlier, then there is no need to delete it. It will be directly get removed from the chrome browser.
  2. Chromecast functionality present in the Chrome tools: MenuEven if you have not attached the Cast button to the toolbar, tap the Chrome Tools menu in the top side corner of the chrome browser window. Then simply click Cast. The chromecast functionality is also present when you right click on a web page in the fine Chrome browser. Note that in order to access chromecast functionality through the Cast button in the toolbar of Chrome, you must need to attach the Cast button in the Chrome toolbar.
  3. No more need for setting up chromecast options for mirroringIn the old version of Cast button, you could set options for bitrate, quality, and resolution etc. when mirroring the contents of the tab to the chromecast device. These options have now been deleted, as the system is now able to automatically adjust the resolution, quality, and frame rate based upon the fine content and the quality of the network.
  4. Getting file feedback from Chromecast in chrome from the Cast button- Reporting any kind of issue or making a feature suggestion can be easily done with the file feedback from Chromecast in chrome. In order to file the feedback about Chromecast,
  5. Firstly, you need to attach the cast button to the Chrome toolbar.
  6. Now right click on the Cast button, which you will get on the top side corner of the Chrome Browser Window.
  • Simply tap “Report an Issue”and then write down your feedback.

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