Chromecast is a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI port on your TV. Simply use an Android phone, tablet, iPhone®, iPad®, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook to cast your favorite entertainment and apps right to the big screen.

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Mirror your smartphone’s screen

Mirror your smartphone's screen

If you’ve got a mobile phone running Android 4.4.2 or upper version then you can cast the all display over to smart TV: Install the official Chromecast app then Find and Select Cast screen/audio from the app’s menu. Select your Chromecast from the list and you’re done.

Chromecast up to guests

Share your Tv with the help of guest mode

Don’t keep your Chromecast all to yourself: by turning on the straightforward guest Make your Chromecast shareable by turning on the straightforward guest mode. You can give chance to beam content on your Chromecast without having puzzled around with Wi-Fi .

From inside the Chromecast app on Android or iOS, tap the menu button (three dots) on the Chromecast in question and choose Guest Mode. A PIN is displayed to allow guests to connect – but for now they must be using Android devices for the feature to work.

Don’t miss special offers

Pick up special offers

Google likes to throw some attractive deals towards Chromecast fans, Offers entry in the app menu: at the time of writing we can see offers for Now TV, Google Play Music and Spotify Premium, but they change around on a regular basis.

Turn on/off  TV with Chromecast

Make your Chromecast remote as your Tv remote

Thanks to a protocol known as HDMI-CEC (or High Definition Multimedia Interface Consumer Electronics Control) you can have your Chromecast automatically wake up your television set whenever you start beaming some video or other content over to it. How this works depends on your TV set.

Play with Ethernet adapter setting

Play with Ethernet adapter setting

The Chromecast works like a charm over Wi-Fi, but there may be rooms in your house where the wireless signal is a little patchy and constant buffering can really get in the way of you enjoying a good old Netflix binge. Fortunately, there is an official solution.

Easy to Cast local files

Local File Cast with Chromecast

Streaming video or music from the web is all well and good, but what happens when you want to watch something stored on your computer’s hard drive? There are a number of apps that will work as the middleman between your media library and the HDMI dongle.

Best app is Plex, alternatives such asLocalCast & AllCast. These apps all work in a similar way.

Groom your TV Looks

Change wallpaper with chromecast

To add your own images, tap Edit Backdrop from the Devices tab in the Chromecast app, then make your choices. Your Chromecast can pull in pictures from Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, and various other sources, and the slideshow speed can be adjusted too.

Cast games to your Chromecast

Cast games to your chromecast

Most of the Chromecast-compatible apps you’ll find on Google Play or the Apple App Store are of the video- and music-streaming variety, but Google just unleashed a few dozen games that you can cast, too. Once you cast a game to your TV, your phone or tablet will become a game controller.

Queue up YouTube videos to cast

Play Music or other media files with chromecast

You can create your own Chromecast-powered YouTube TV station by tapping the Add to Queue button.

Search for videos with your voice

Voice Search for batter and fast searching

Download Chromecast From and get technical assistance. Make your Chromecast installation within 10 Min.