You can cast the contents directly to the TV with help of Chromecast download in your connected device. It can be mobile, laptop or tablet. Chromecast is a device developed by the Giant Company, Google. This giant is famous for browsers and browse engines also. Google chrome is also a product of it.

Google latest released chrome 52 grant the android users access the online videos quickly and flawlessly without consuming the more battery.  Earlier chrome for android consumes lot of battery because the accessing time was much and it took too much time for buffering. This sucked the battery of device badly. But with the release of new version this problem is rectified. Download Chromecast in your device and enjoy the streaming services on your TV.

There are mammoth of videos available on the web for watching. The platform from where they played over billion hours are Facebook, amazon and New York Times. However, the main platform for watching videos are through Netflix and YouTube. These are available on mobile device and you can experience great by viewing it on the big screen by just having Chromecast app download in your mobile. The Chromecast device acts as an interface or intermediate between the mobile and smart TV.

Enjoy Fast And Unwrinkled Videos On Android With Chromecast

Connect the Chromecast to the TV through HDMI cable that is included in the box of device. You will also get a HDMI extended wire for connecting the Chromecast to the HDMI port. The moment you connect the device, the TV will automatically detect the HDMI port and display external device connected to the TV. Next step for the setup is switch in the Wi-Fi network and turn on the Chromecast device. The Chromecast and mobile must be connected to the same home network. This is because of the fact that this network act as a common platform for sharing the contents among two.

When you open the Chromecast app from your mobile then the device will automatically start streaming the contents from the channel, which you have opened on your mobile phone. Yes, if you are using the laptop or pc for sharing the photos on the TV then you have to get Chromecast download pc in your computer.

You can get it downloaded from the internet just go the web browser and type Google Chromecast download in the search menu bar. You will get list of options available for downloading.  After downloading, launch the app in the computer and enjoy the streaming experience on bigger screen. The YouTube and other video sources are available for pc too.

Enjoy Fast And Unwrinkled Videos On Android With Chromecast

With the latest release of chrome 52 in the series on android, the quality of video playback has improved too much. The main objective behind the update was also: the speed and power efficiency. The loading time is improved with smarter playback. If the video take too much time for loading then you may lose interest in watching it, you even feel angry on it. The chrome 52 is much improved that incorporates the feature to start playing videos quicker without buffering time. The connection speed should be more than 4 MBPS for smooth video playback. This will save your battery and increase the backup time.

If your free internet data is already consumed in surfing internet or you want to save the data for future use then you can save up to 50% of data by using data saver mode while viewing the videos. This will reduce the pixels of the videos suppose from 720 to 480 p.  Chromecast extension download must be there in your computer to cast the videos directly.

The improvements in the recent release are noticed on the short videos. Just download the Chromecast free download and enjoy the service. In order to spin it update the chrome on the android mobile.