As Vimeo has launched its app on the iOS platform, Google Android users were itching to get the same on their Google Play Store. It took some time, but at last, Vimeo launched its Android app. Now, Android users can enjoy high quality video content on their TV by beaming it through the app.

Videmo now available at Google's Chromecast For Download

Having accomplished a wide number of things, there were a few things that were missing in Google Chromecast. One such thing is the addition of Vimeo Android app, which was not there before, but ‘thank God’, Vimeo has made arrangements to beam content from Chromecast, which was not available back in the day.

Until now, Chromecast streaming is only available in iOS, which means if you are using an iPhone or iPad only then, you will be able to beam content from Apple devices. But, now people who are using Android devices can also make use of Chromecast app. It is not just the beaming of the digital content from Chromecast that can be done with the help of Vimeo Android app, but you can get a comprehensive support as well.

You can check for free Chromecast download for Android devices in order to beam the content directly from the Vimeo. For those of you who don’t know what Vimeo is, then it is a video directory just like YouTube. Most people are fully aware of the stature of YouTube and what it has in the offering, but a few in them also know about Vimeo. It also consists of a countless number of videos covering all sorts of niches. Many people who wish to watch quality videos prefer Vimeo. You can easily Chromecast App download for tablet that runs on Android OS and beam high quality video content from it directly to your TV.

Why it took so much time for Vimeo to launch its Android App for Google Chromecast?

Well, there are a plenty of reasons that have caused delays. The matter is similar to what occurred between Apple and Google when Chromecast App was not able to make its place in the Apple App store. But, as they say, ‘all’s well that ends well’. The problem has been sorted out and now, Vimeo is very much there on the android platform and one can easily beam videos from Vimeo’s Android app to the TV. People need to get free Chromecast extension download link in order to be able to beam the video content easily.

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Not able to get Vimeo Android app? Seek the assistance from a professional tech support

I would also like to mention that if you are unable to download Chromecast for Chrome browser, I mean the extension, then there no need to worry. The electronic gadgets manufacturing companies in the world today provide a diligent support to their customers regarding any issue (small or complicated). So, if you have searched a boatload of resources, but haven’t been able to find anything relevant pertaining to Google Chromecast download, then what you can do is, you can seek the help of a tech support. They are going to help you setup extensions and apps related to Chromecast.

They will also assist you with the procedure where you can get your free Chromecast download PC. Vimeo has also allowed customers to get a dedicated Chromecast support, so that if they find any problem, then they have the option of getting it fixed. But, there are various resources available on the web where you can easily find all the help, so there is nothing much to worry.