Changing the Chromecast Wi-Fi network

Chromecast operates on the wireless technology, so if you are facing troubles using Chromecast, then you need to switch to a different wireless network. For more details about the process to change the Wi-Fi network, you need to read the following blog post.

chromecast wifi setup

Chromecast has always been a step ahead when it comes to support services especially from Roku support.

Though Roku has always been a competitor to Chromecast in mass media it has never been that much of a concern as Chromecast support is at levels par from Roku. Chromecast support has been informative about their products and services thus making users less relied on third party resources.

However Chromecast support has always been amazing and they have always helped be it Chromecast download or something else. Here we will understand how to change Chromecast Wi-Fi network as told by Chromecast support.

The essentials to change Chromecast Wi-Fi network are:

However if we want to control Chromecast from our PC we can do it with the help of Chromecast extension (Ios/Android) on our PC ensuring optimum control over Chromecast. So if our Chromecast and mobile device in range of both Wi-Fi connections only then this method is successful else we will have to reset Chromecast and connect it to the new network while giving some time to smart phone to download Google cast.

  1. Switching on Chromecast:

We will have to switch on our Chromecast first. After initialisation and all it will connect to any given Wi-Fi connection. However if it is in range of two or multiple Wi-Fi connections it will connect to the one set as default as Chromecast always remember only one Wi-Fi connection.

  1. Connecting smartphone with app:

Once we have a smartphone we have to go to Google cast download and download Chromecast companion app to the smartphone. Since Chromecast doesn’t run on its own so Chromecast app on a smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi as Chromecast can seamlessly control Chromecast. All we have to do is install Chromecast companion app in that device be it android, iOS or a PC and then connect it to the same Wi-Fi as Chromecast.

After that we will have to open the app where it will recognise Chromecast. Once we tap on Chromecast icon if smartphone is a device never connected before it will ask for pairing setup. Else the connection will be directly made. This step is essential as Chromecast doesn’t have its own remote so it is controlled by a smartphone for all its operations.

  1. Managing the Wi-Fi networks

We will have to ensure that the newer Wi-Fi connection is also a 2.4GHZ Wi-Fi connection. Chrome cast download on smart phone should also be made. Now the most important part is to ensure that both Chromecast and our smartphone are in range of both Wi-Fi connections. After setting up all, we have to go to Chromecast app in settings. There we will find which Wi-Fi connection is Chromecast connected to. From there we can open, tap on newer Wi-Fi and connect Chromecast with it by initialising pairing request.

However while doing this we have to make sure that our controlling smartphone too jumps from one Wi-Fi to another so that we can control during the process.

These were some steps to change Wi-Fi network of Chromecast. It has always been recommended that if Chromecast can remember only one Wi-Fi connection then we can always reset it. Though resetting always wipes all the internal data away so best way to change Wi-Fi is this method.