If you’re looking for entertainment or want to cast your favorite content, then Google Chromecast is an absolute device for you. Chromecast is a compact streaming device which is associated with hundreds of networks who are known for providing top class content. You can Download Chromecast app, which will open the simple way to enjoy online video and your favorite content from the web on your TV. You can cast your favorites from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix and Chrome to your TV. You can also search for Chromecast extension download on web, this is an option by which you can stream the digital content through your Chrome browser.


First time when the Chromecast HDMI stick was released by Google, there was a little doubt, will it gain popularity among the people or not? The price of this stick was $50 and it claimed that this stick can turn dumb old TV into a Smart TV. But even now, notice three years since the first Chromecast was announced, the device is a best example of technology that comes under the people’s budget. But there was not any sign of bliss on Google’s face and then second gen device has been released by Google that somehow manages to refine the original.

The shape of original device was somewhat similar to USB stick that plugged into the TVs HDMI port whereas the latest second gen device is a small puck, available in three colors (black, red and yellow). Rest the users who are already using Chromecast know better that Chromecast Free Download will make them enjoy the wave of entertainment, plus make a way to cast their favorite content.

Difference between the Original and Chromecast2

Short cable holds the HDMI port, and if you’re fond of traveling then it will be a fine device for you. Take it anywhere, any time. The Google has internally made the improvement in Chromecast 2 with a trio of 802.11ac-compatible antennas which ensure the best quality connection that intelligently switch between 2.4Hz and 5 GHz frequencies. Chromecast2 new performs rapidly whereas the original takes time in buffering. In Chromecast 2, you no need any remote, you can use your smart device to give command. Chromecast App Download will make you stream your dearest content. Simply down it for your iOS and Android.