As we know Netflix adds a feature of enjoying offline content, no charges, and no extra fees, you can watch your well-liked content anywhere anytime without having the internet. Well, no doubt being a user of any streaming device you are to have this feature but there’s an issue with it as well, only Chromecast users can understand that.

This isn’t a deal-breaker, but if you’re a user of Chromecast or AirPlay, you going to be in the frustrating state. Netflix has configured its app to make locally saved content unplayable through AirPlay or Chromecast, averting downloaded motion pictures and television shows from being viewed on anything other than the device on which they were downloaded. Those who aren’t aware of Chromecast, let us tell that Chromecast is a small but powerful streaming device which let users stream their favorite content. You can also Download Chromecast app, so you can also enjoy the better streaming experience.

Netflix now lets you download movies to watch offline


If you know the functionality of Chromecast- this small dongle is actually streaming the content itself and Netflix app is supporting more like a remote control than a content’s middleman- this might not be shocking, but it’s actually an immense bummer than you wonder. If you catch, not only is the downloaded content not playable from the third party devices, you can’t even select to play the streaming version instead of the locally saved one.

For example, you might download your well-liked motion picture on your Netflix app, just so you have it whenever you need a pic-me-up. You can’t transfer content that you have downloaded to a Chromecast or through via AirPlay, but you’re at the house so you figure you’ll just select the version from the Netflix search rather than playing it via your ‘My Downloads’ tab, so you can view it on your Chromecast-equipped television. It doesn’t even matter what part of the Netflix app you play it from, it will always play the downloaded version if you have one saved.

Chromecast user’s view on Netflix’s offline watching feature

Chromecast user’s view on Netflix’s offline watching feature

If you want to view any of the motion pictures or shows you’ve saved locally on any other device, you have to remove them from your ‘My Downloads’ tab and then do the selection of them from listings of Netflix. It’s a really odd choice on the part of streaming service to make the procedure so complicated, and while the company probably supposed you’d always want to view the locally-saved version and made it the default to stop user confusion, it just makes even more of a headache for others. Rest you can get the Chromecast Free Download app from the Google Play Store. For more useful information or assistance you can get in touch with professionals.