This may not be new information for some, but I was shocked at how easy it was to get going. I was trying to come up with a way to share videos with a “chromecast-enabled” friend who lives pretty far away. I use Plex at home, but she doesn’t have an always-on PC, or a personal laptop (just a work one). In comes the LocalCast app (Ios/Android. It plays all your local files on your phone, as a few apps do, but it also offers Google Drive support.

localcast for chromecast

1. Drop Your Videos Into A Google Drive Folder
2. Share Your New Folder With Friends
3. ???
4. Profit!!

The last tip I can offer is /r/fullmoviesongoogle for adding movies to your collection, without taking up your storage space. LocalCast (10 Best Essential Google Chromecast Tips) will prompt you to install the google drive plugin, but it’s pretty self explanatory, and doesn’t take but an extra minute to get going. For 1.99/month, you can expand your Drive storage with Google to 100GB, or 1TB for 9.99/month. Pretty cheap if you ask me.