Google Chromecast is capable of showing great quality videos, but at times, this feature doesn’t work in way as it should be. There are many networks whose content is not properly shown on the TV, and they all make use of Chromecast. This is a big issue and it needs to be resolved quickly.


Chromecast is a small appliance friendly gadget manufactured by Google. Chromecast is analogous to Roku TV and Kindle TV. It is better than them since it is one tenth in size than those devices. Those devices are like set top boxes whereas google Chromecast is like a small Frisbee which gets attached to back of a TV using an HDMI cable. It gets internet connection from a Wi-Fi enabled router and content is sent to it from a smart phone or a PC controlling it. Smart phone users have to just perform a Chromecast app download in their smartphones.

After downloading the app there will be a cast button as a software button overlay on the screen. Touching it will cast the content displayed on the screen of the app to the bigger screen in which Chromecast is connected. Users can download Chromecast app to their devices including PCs to use all these services.

Issue related to quality:

  • Users have submitted their problems where they are using Chromecast on one of their devices and are getting good quality. However, when they Chromecast download content on other devices and on other networks, they get poor quality of video streaming as compared to previous network.
  • In short, if users have two Wi-Fi service providers or a Wi-Fi and a 4G service provider giving equal bandwidth, they are facing problem of different quality on both networks in spite of having identical configuration.
  • Once Chrome cast download is done on one device, if it has subscription service and there is a Chromecast device connected to TV, users are in habit of jumping the connections. Sometimes they use Wi-Fi and sometimes when their 4G is unmetered they use 4G. Both 4G and broadband generally have same speeds of data browsing and transfer. However users have even checked internet speed of both data providers to be identical on their smartphone in which they have done google Chromecast download. Whenever they stream data, they get different quality and that is the issue they are facing.

Method of troubleshooting:

Most of the times, even after having identical speeds quality issue arises due to high density of wireless networks in that area.

  • As 4G works on a different spectrum it might be giving a pretty good quality whereas router might be struggling at even 360p. Even after Chromecast extension download, PC casting gives a choppy video along with buffering whereas other internet services work fine.
  • If this is the condition, just use an Ethernet connection. For Chromecast 1 buy an Ethernet adapter peripheral which will connect Ethernet cable directly in Chromecast. Chromecast2 by default supports Ethernet and LAN connection so directly a LAN cable can be used in it.

Tips and suggestions:

Changing the connection type normally solves the issue. If it is not resolved, you might be using an incorrect version of Modem frequency. Chromecast supports a 2.4GHZ model of Wi-Fi and if you are using an older 5 GHZ model, that might be the issue. Try to fiddle around with the settings.

You can go into settings and scale down the broadcast frequency to 2.4 GHZ. Normally our smart phones are compatible with 5GHZ but Chromecast has its issues. You can also try and buy a dedicated 2.4GHZ model of router and if you do not want to spend another dime on Wi-Fi router, try the LAN cable methodology.

There might also be other issues such as replacement of wireless adapter or interference due to other radio devices in the range. Fiddling around with them might also help you.