So you’re on holiday and getting bored in your room, right? Well is time to lift yourself up from the kingdom of boredom. If you have Google Chromecast, then you can cast your favorite shows, movies, series etc. from Google Play, YouTube, Netflix and Chrome to your TV. If you haven’t this suitable then go and get it, it will only cost you $35 and Download Chromecast app.


We have some great news that, Google’s little HDMI dongle has ranked top in the list of best-selling hardware products. About two years ago we met this dongle, which holds the ability to turn televisions into smart TVs. Great thing is that people only need to spend some dollars to grab this amazing device. Just lightened your wallet by spending just $35, don’t you think that this device comes under your budget? The company has unveiled the selling of Chromecast’s 30 million units since its launch. In last two months, it sold five million units. And the 30 million units sold statistic includes:


Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai revealed the numbers. The figure is in front of you that how much love people gave to this device, now it’s your time grab this dongle. Chromecast App Download will let you cast your dearest digital content. Chromecast extension download is one more option for your, which will let you stream your favorite entrainment series or movies etc. through Chrome browser.

The device was launched in 2013 and Google sold 17 million above units, rapid selling of these amazing devices clearly showed that how much popularity they earned among people. Well, we have to say that this product acted as a boon to the company plus came to know that millions of people put their trust on this device.